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不是作業唷! 我只是參考而已!不會直接拷貝 。

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    Hello everybody! I am a 7th grader in middle school. My topic today is "my student life."

    I am student of XX, a lot of fun and interesting things happen in our class.

    I still remember that on the first day of school, i almost went into the wrong classroom; but now, i am an expert that knows every route of the school. To be honest, going to class is quite boring. However, the thought of gaining new knowledge and going in depth is fun!! when discussing math and biology problems with fellow students will also help with the gaining of new knowledge; let alone the sense of pride after the "enlightenment."

    I met a lot of friends whom share similar interests with me. We always gather together during breaks and talk about anything, discuss the latest soap operas during lunch time, only leaving because the arrival of napping time. but at break we repeat the same things, talking about anything that comes to mind. This proves that our friendship is very deep and meaningful.

    School life is so interesting that i cannot explain. To sum it up, school like is FUN and INTERSTING.

    Thank you for your attention.



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    Hello everyone! I am a new student, and I'm just starting the first year of junior high. My speech topic for today is " My School Life ".

    I am a student of **Junior High School, and of course lots of interesting and exciting things happen at this second home. I still rememeber vaguely the first day of school, when I nearly went to the wrong classroom. But now, I know about every pathways in the school. Frankly speaking, the lessons were pretty dull and boring. However, when I thought about being able to absorb more knowledge, they become more interesting, and gradually, even enjoyable. While discussing with my friends about how to solve this maths question, or how to do that Biology problem, I absorbed more knowledge as well, and of course I felt really proud of myself.

    Moreover, you will definitely meet friends who share the same interest, and everyone flocks together at intervals to chat. At lunch time, we talk about what was on TV last night, and only when we had to go to sleep did we rest. But when it was interval again, the same things repeated themselves, which proved that our friendship is as hard as a diamond. There are so manu interesting things about school and I can not possibly name them all. In conclusion, school life is just like a treasure box.

    Thank you all, this is the end of my speech.

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    一般人約2分35秒 慢:3分5秒 快:1分55秒

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