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"Children Literatures, such as Snow White, Sleeping beauty, etc, will certainly be suitable for beginners." 以標準英文而言, 這句英文文字有錯嗎?

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    It should be:

    "Children's literature, such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, will certainly be suitable for biginners."


    1. Children Literatures is wrong in three ways. First, it's incorrect combination of two nouns.

    Second, literature does not neet to be capitalized."

    Third, it should be "literature" and not "literatures" because you are only talking about a specific type of literature. Some might use "literatures" if you are talking about more than one type of literatures. For example, one might say "American, British and other European literatures."

    2. "Sleeping Beauty" is a book/movie/story and should be capitalized.

    3. If you use "such as," you don't usually need "etc." and if you do want to use "etc.", then it should be either "excetra" or "etc." (with a period).

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    The answer is 99.8% perfect because:

    1. biginners → beginners

    2. A couple of quotation marks were left out in your reasons.

    3. ...

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    Snow White是白雪公主,不是白色雪吧= ="

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    Children Literature such as Snow White and Sleeping beauty will certainly be suitable for beginners.

    I don't think you need the etc

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    literature--文學,是不加s的喔。例如American Literature, English Literature, etc.

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