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Victoria asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

sun+light=sunlight 這種字多不多?

sun+light=sunlight 這種字多不多?請舉20個例子吧!(要有意義的喔?!)我發現這種字很好背呢,如果英文字都是這樣的就好了!!

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    2 decades ago
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    plat +form= platform講台

    friend + ship= friendship 友誼

    it + self= itself自己

    moon +beam= moon beam月光

    middle +man= middleman經濟人

    micro+ wave= microwave微波爐

    micro+ scope=microscope 顯微鏡

    main +land=mainland大陸

    main+ spring= mainspring 主要原因

    main +stay= mainstay主要支柱

    hence+ forth= henceforth 從今以後

    herds +man= herdsman 牧人

    here+ after= hereafter 從今以後

    person+ age= personage 教區牧師ㄉ住所

    dog+ house=doghouse 受寵(in the doghouse)

    ear+ drum= eardrum耳鼓

    ear+ shop= earshot 聽力範圍

    easy+ going= easygoing 隨和

    earth+ quake= earth quake地震

    out+ fit= outfit 全部套裝

    out+ law= outlaw 逃犯

    out+ line=outline 大綱

    out+ post= outpost 前哨

    out+ side= outside 外面

    in+ side= inside裡面


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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago





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