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選項 :「 wear,work,buy,judge,keep 」

Change the form of the word if necessary.

請幫我翻譯與填入適當詞性.. 感謝您.

Knowing what clothes to wear to work is important, especially for your career, as people tend to ________ you by how you look, Here are some guidelines for choosing your workplace clothing.

First of all, you should _______ your clothes tasteful.

Women should avoid _______ short skirts and low necklines.

As for men, they should not wear clothes that are too close fitting.

Secondly, remekmber to wear the right clothes for the situation.

A person who works at a desk, for example, need to spend much money _______ expensive clothes.

Clean and neat clothes are sometimes much more impressive than expensive suits.

Pay more attention to what you wear and you will make the people around you enjoy _______ with you.

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    1. judge

    2. keep

    3. wearing

    4. buying

    5. working


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    1. judge

    2. keep

    3. wearing

    4. to buy.....不很確定ㄋㄟ...


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