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謝謝!不過我要英文版ㄉ 因為中文版的比較好找

英文ㄉ比較難找 所以我不會選你喔~~抱歉!!

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    228 Memorial Day on February 28 commemorates an incident that had a profound impact on the people and society of Taiwan.

    At the end of World War II, Taiwan shook off the yoke of 50 years of Japanese colonial rule. The people cheered the arrival of the Nationalist government, filled with hope and high expectations of the new regime. They were, however, to be sorely disappointed. After 50 years of separation from Taiwan affairs, the government had become insensitive to local feelings and misunderstandings led to enmity between the new arrivals and long-time residents. It was under such conditions that the February 28 Incident took place in 1947.

    After the incident, public demand for redress quickly spread. Politicians and prominent members of society formed the February 28 Incident Management Committee to negotiate with Governor Chen Yi and the Nationalist government to handle the incident and institute political reform. On March 8, a large military force landed at Keelung, and many participants were killed, including many outstanding individuals who were innocent. Among older Taiwanese, the wound of this incident still runs deep.

    More than four decades later, the once taboo subject of the February 28 Incident has finally come to world attention. In the 1970s , the February 28 Justice and Peace Movement was initiated by citizen's groups, and in 1992 the Executive Yuan promulgated the "February 28 Incident Research Report." In 1995, former President Lee Teng-hui made a formal apology on behalf of the government. Other official amends have been made since that time. Taipei New Park was renamed 228 Memorial Park, and monument was erected in the park. The government also designated February 28 as Peace Memorial Day. Moreover, the February 28 Incident Memorial Foundation was established to compensate and comfort victims and their families, and to help restore the standing of those defamed in the incident.

    The government has also held many memorial services, concerts, art exhibitions, group runs, and other activities to commemorate the suffering and loss of many innocent people. These actions aim to make up for the spiritual scars left behind by the incident. It is also hoped that the lessons of history will help the people of Taiwan respect, trust, and forgive one another.

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    two two eight= =

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    第二天(二月二十八日),台北市民遊行示威,前往官府要求懲辦兇手;卻遭到機關槍掃射,於是事情愈演愈烈,台灣百姓全面起來抗爭。一些地方上較有名望的人,為了弭平亂事便出面協調。奉派來台的行政長官-陳儀,卻沒有誠意處理善後,一面假裝和代表們協商,一面卻向 蔣中正請求派兵鎮壓。






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    Peace Memorial Day

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    Source(s): 自己已經回答過了!!至於英文等等喔~
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