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at first glance 和 at first sight 有什麼不同嗎?



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    at first gance就是很快.很突然得看過.從旁邊看.大概看一下.

    At first glance, I didn't notice that was John who was walking toward us. 乍看之下,我沒注意到john朝我們這兒走來。

    at first sight是第一次看到/見面或第一次考慮

    Do you believe in love at first sight? 你相信一見鍾情ㄇ?

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    意思是一樣的, 只是用的地方有點不同吧...

    at first sight: 第一眼見到就(決定)...

    例: love at first sight(一見鍾情)

    at first glance: 第一次見到時我(覺得/以為)...

    例: I know he is going to be some body at my first glance. 我第一眼就看出他將來會是一號人物

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