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i hate them as much as wut u hate是什麼意思?



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    Favorite Answer 像...一樣 possible 越...越好as cool as cucmber 鎮定自若as easy as anything 極其容易as easy as pie 很容易as far as 遠到 far as be concerned 就...而言as far as in me lies 盡我所能as far as the eye can see 就視力所能及as fit as a fiddle 非常健康as flat as a pancake 非常平as fresh as a daisy 有吸引力的as good as 和...幾乎一樣as good as gold (小孩)很乖as good as one's word 守信as green as grass 幼稚的as happy as a clam 非常高興as happy as a sandboy 非常快樂as hard as stone 硬如磐石的as light as a feather 輕如鴻毛as like as not 很可能as like as two peas 一模一樣as long as 只要as many as 和...一樣多as near as 達到...的準確程度as often as 每當as often as not 往往as pleased as Punch 非常驕傲as quick as lightning 極快as quickly as possible 儘快as rich as Croesus 非常富有as sharp as a needle 非常聰敏的as silent as the grave 寂靜無聲的as smooth as silk 光滑as snug as a bug in a rug 非常舒適安逸as sober as a judge 非常清醒的as solid as a rock 穩固的as soon as 立即 soon as maybe 盡可能as soon as not 再也樂意不過的as soon as possible 盡快as sound as a bell 健狀無恙as stiff as a poker 刻板as stiff as a ramrod 挺直的as straight as a die 筆直as strong as a horse 精力充沛的as strong as an ox 強壯如牛的as sure as fate 千真萬確as thick as thieves 十分要好as thin as a lath 骨瘦如柴as ugly as sin 非常醜陋as well as 和...一樣as white as a sheet 蒼白如紙as follows 如下as for 至於as from 從...時起as how 是否as if 猶如as if by magic 令人驚奇的as it happened 碰巧as it is 照現狀as it were 或者說as of 從...開始as of right 依照法律as one man 一致的as opposed to 相對於as regards 至於as sin 非常as such 就其本身而論as the case may be 看情況as the case stans 事實上as the story goes 據說as things are 照目前情況as though 好像as time goes on 隨時間的推移as to 至於as usual 照例as well 同樣的as yet 迄今為止as you wish 隨你的便

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    As how = That

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    i hate them as much as wut u hate


    I hate them as much as you hate.


    as [基本字彙]


    1 (常用在so或as之後作為相關連接詞) 相同的程度或數量

    You are as sweet as sugar. 你跟糖一樣的甜

    The situation is not so bad as you suggest. 情況不像你想像的那麼糟

    I like it as much as you like it.我喜歡它就像你喜歡它一樣。

    He can run as fast as the lion.他能跑得像老虎一樣的快。

    He is as tall as Jetina.他和Jetina一樣高。


    1 在相同的範圍或程度; 相等地

    The child sang as sweetly a nightingale. 那孩子歌唱得跟夜鶯一樣甜美

    2 例如

    large carnivores, as the bear or lion 大的食肉動物, 例如熊或獅子

    3 在一個特定的關係或形式下考量

    this definition as distinguished from the second one這個定義跟第二個


    2 依照

    Think as I think. 依照我想的方式來想

    3 同時; 當時

    slipped on the ice as I ran home 我跑回家的時候, 我在冰上滑了一跤

    4 因為

    went to bed early, as I was exhausted 因為非常疲累我很早就上床睡覺

    5 結果

    He was so foolish as to lie. 他這麼傻, 才會傻到要說謊

    6 雖然

    Great as the author was, he proved a bad model.雖然這名作家很偉大,


    Ridiculous as it seems, the tale is true. 雖然荒謬, 這個故事卻是真實

    7 配合…來講; 以…方式來看

    The hotel is quite comfortable as such establishments go.就設備來看,


    The sun is hot, as everyone knows. 大家都知道太陽很熱

    8 ((口語)) 相當於 that

    I don't know as I can answer your question我不曉得能不能回答你的問題


    1 (用在same 或such之後) 相當於 that, which或who

    I received the same grade as you did. 我跟你得到同樣的分數

    2 ((主美中南方)) who, whom, which或that

    Those as want to can come with me. 要來的可以跟我來


    1 擔任

    acting as a mediator 擔任仲裁人

    2 跟…相似; 相同

    On this issue they thought as one. 在這個議題上他們的想法一致


    as is

    ((口語)) 原樣

    bought the samovar as is from an antique dealer從古董商那兒買到原樣的


    as it were

    可以說; 好像

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    as - 像什麼一樣~

    as well as :

    My math grade is as well as yours.


    My math grade is as low as yours.


    除此以外還有as same as也是一樣的意思


    as a matter of fact 事實上

    as a result 結果

    as a rule 通常 ; 普通

    as a whole 就整體而言

    as before 像以前一樣

    as far as 到...的限度

    as follows 如下

    as for 至於 ; 關於

    as good as 相同 ; 和...一樣

    as if 似乎

    as it is 事實上

    as it may 無論如何

    as long as 只要(這個非常常用!)

    as soon as 一...就 ; 立即

    as such 照這樣

    as though 好像

    as to 關於 ; 至於

    as usual 照常

    as yet 迄今


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    例句:she'll coon be as tall as her mother.她就快像她母親一樣高了

    her skin is (as) soft as a baby's.她的皮膚跟嬰兒一樣嫩

    i can't run as fast as you.我沒辦法像你跑的這樣快

    it's not as good as it used to be.這已不像過去那麼好了

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    AS.......AS 是一個片語

    1。as far as==>遠到.....(...=什麼)

    2。as good as==>和...幾乎一樣

    3。as long as ===>只要

    4。as soon as===>一....就......

    5。as well as==>不但.....而且

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