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請問這段英文裡的correspond 該怎麼翻?

22 of the cards are called the Major Arcana, and the images [ correspond] to different stages of the "Fool's Journey" - a journey through life with various obstacles and opportunities for gaining wisdom. The other 56 cards comprise the Minor Arcana, which is divided into four suits. Each suit is numbered from two to ten with four "face" cards and an ace.


When used for fortune telling, tarot cards are first shuffled and then put down on a table into a special pattern.

句中的[When used for fortune telling] 怎翻??

p.s 這些段的英文 是屬於很簡單的還是很難ㄉ??..


還有 Quite a bit 試啥意思??

Update 2:


suit 再那裡是當[組]ㄉ意思...並不是衣服= =

Update 3:

quite a bit 的原句是

Quite a bit if you believe in tarot card readings.


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    Correspond 在此可翻為"相對應" 或"對照"

    When used for fortune telling= 當用來算命時


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    Quite a bit = 有點多

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    布丁應該是用翻譯機,不然怎翻得這麼怪= =

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