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想試寫一篇英文小小說,但不清楚如何適時的加入Sound effect的用法,請教有寫作經驗的人。謝謝。

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    我想我直接給例句,應該比解釋單字來的清楚明瞭;這些擬聲詞 onomatopoeia 幾乎都是名詞動詞雙用。

    bangs:There is someone banging about upstairs.

    The door shut with a bang.

    blares:blaring car horns (刺耳)

    the blare of a brass band

    chimes:The chime of clock woke him up.

    The clock chimed one o'clock.

    clicks:She clicked her fingers in time to the music. (隨著音樂的節拍)

    The key turned with a click. (喀咑一聲)

    crackles:The fire crackled. (批啪作聲)

    Why is the radio crackling so much?

    creaks:The floorboards in the old house creaked noisily. (嘎吱作響)

    creaking with age

    crunches:The dog was crunching (on) a bone. (嘎吱嘎吱地嚼)

    Our feet crunched on the frozen snow.

    gasps:He gasped out the message.(喘著氣)

    She gave a gasp of surprise.

    groans:The old man who had been in the accident lay groaning beside the road. (呻吟)

    The old chiar gave a groan when the fat woman sat down on it.

    howls:The wind howled in the trees.

    howling with pain

    plops:There was a loud plop as the soap fell into the bath.

    The stone plopped into the stream.

    roars:roars of laughter (哄然大笑)

    shrieks:They were all shrieking with laughter.(尖銳的笑聲)

    He gave a shriek of terror.

    squeaks:squeaky clean=very clean (想像一下指甲劃過玻璃的聲音)

    squelches:We squelched up the muddy lane to the farm.

    the squelch of swamp water in the boots

    taps:The teacher tapped her fingers on the desk impatiently.(輕敲)

    I heard a tap on the window.

    thumps:The excitement made her heart thump. (砰砰跳)



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