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例如 像這 樣

順其自然 LET IT BE


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    1. It really got to me! 我實在好感動喔!

    2.It won't work. 這樣是行不通的.

    3.I have to run. 我得趕時間了.

    4.Turn me off. 真受不了!

    5.Tell me about it! 還用你說!

    6.I'll get you for this. 我會報仇的.

    7.You're really something!! 你真了不起!

    8.The power went out! 停電了!

    9.Easy for you to say. 你說的倒容易

    10.Today is muggy. 今天真悶熱

    11.You're very sneaky! 你很賊!

    12.That's it! 對啦! 沒錯!

    13.You got me! 你考倒我了!

    14.You can say that again. 沒錯!

    15.That's what I was thinking! 我就是那麼想的!

    16.驕兵必敗→Pride goes before fall.

    17.隨遇而安→Take things as they come.

    18.貪多必失→Grasp all,lose all.

    19.孰能無過→To err is human.

    20.學無止境→Live and learn.

    21.隔牆有耳→Walls have ears.

    22.愛屋及烏→Love me,love my family.

    23.時代在變→Times change.

    24.來得容易去得快→Easy come,easy go.

    25.光陰似箭→Time flies.

    26.四大皆空→All is vanity.

    27.公事公辦→Business is business.

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    No pain;no gain!!天下沒有白吃的午餐!!

    Where there is a will, there is a way!!有志者事竟成!!

    Time and tide wait for no man!!光陰不待人!!

    Life goes on!!生活照樣過!!

    Don't mention it!!不客氣!!

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    Time is money 時間就是金錢

    Today is not my day 用於今天不順利

    God bless you 上帝祝福你


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