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請各位大大幫我翻譯這篇文章(關於緬甸 翁山蘇姬)>>10點

請各位大大幫我翻譯這篇文章(關於緬甸 翁山蘇姬)


Aung San Suu Kyi

(oung sän soo chē) , 1945-, Burmese political leader. The daughter of assassinated (1947) nationalist general U Aung San, who is regarded as the founder of modern Myanmar, she lived outside the country after 1960. Returning in 1988 to care for her dying mother, she joined the opposition to U Ne Win and became leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD). Her outspoken criticism of the military leaders of Myanmar and the memory of her father made her a symbol of popular desire for political freedom and a focus of opposition to the dictatorship. In July 1989, she was placed under house arrest. The NLD won 80% of the seats in 1990 elections for parliament, but the military refused to yield power. Awarded the 1990 Sakharov Prize from the European Parliament and the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize for her nonviolent struggle, she remained under house arrest until 1995 and was subsequently subject to severe restrictions. Nonetheless, she has stayed in Myanmar, continuing to write and speak for her cause. She subsequently has been placed in house arrest or detention from Sept. 2000, to May 2002, and since May 2003.

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    Aung Suu Kyi ( oung soo 測鏈 ? ) , 1945 - , 緬甸政治領導者。 assassinated ( 1947 ) 一般 原子品質單位 Aung 民族主義者的女兒, 把誰看作現代 緬甸 的創立人, 她在 1960 以後的國家(農村)外面生活(居住)。 死(滅)亡母親她在 1988 年返回(以)關心她, 為民主黨(主義) ( NLD ) 將這個反對連結與民族(國家)聯盟的 原子品質單位 不超過 勝利和成為的領導者。 她的 緬甸 的軍事領導者和她的父親的記憶(存儲器)的坦率的批評使她成為對政治自由流行希望(願望)的一個符號和對專政反對的焦點。 在 1989 年7月 , 在房子阻止中她(被)放置了。 NLD 為議會, 但是不肯出產(產生)權力(動力)的軍事的贏得了 1990 個選舉中座位的 80% 。 從歐洲議會和她的非暴力鬥爭的 1991 個 諾貝拉 和平獎品(金)的獎賞的 1990 個 Sakharov 獎品(金), 在房子阻止中她保留和其後易受嚴重限制直到 1995 年。 然而, 她在家裡了 緬甸 的, 繼續為她的原因(事業)寫和講(話)。 把她從九月 2000 , 到 2002 年5月 , 和自從 2003 年5月 以來其後已經放在房子阻止或者阻止裡。

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