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我的好朋友是jack 他喜歡玩線上遊戲 他14歲 矮矮瘦瘦的 成績普普通通 交友廣闊 很大方。

我的好朋友是Tom 他運動不錯很大方 他成績很好 只不過調皮點。

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    Jack is my good friend, he likes on line game. He is fourteen years old, and he is alittle bit short and thin. He's performance at school is normail, but he has lots of friends and gental.

    Tom is my good friend, either. He is very good at sports and study. He is a outgoing boy, but a little bit naughty.

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    目前只有 'just ask' 的答案是完全正確

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    My good friend is a jack

    He likes to play the on-line game

    His 14 years old is short and short to lose to lose

    The result commonness makes friends the amplitude not stingy.

    My good friend is the Tom , he exercises good and not stingy his result very very just a little bit very naughty.

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    My good friend is j a c k he likes playing on-line to play he 14 year

    old of short short thin result ordinary to make the friend broadly to

    be very natural.

    My good friend is T o m he the movement good is very natural his

    result very good only mischievous spot.

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