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    Plot brief introduction

    This slice is a Japanese animation master-Hayao Miyazaki represented the work lately in 2001,July 20th since was shown in the whole Japan,HAVE already broken Hayao Miyazaki's oneself currently 《sorcery princess 》the Japanese country a box office set records,also will soon break 《Titanic 》the Japanese box office set records.

    The only 10-year-old young girl of year thousand look for to drive the car to go to the new house with parents together,on the way before getting lost the car to arrive at an arched door,thousand looks for to get off with parents to cross Japanese and small town that the arched door arrives a dilapidation.Thousand look for the heart to get to fear,but thousand the parents who look for but at have not yet under the condition of host's approval,consumedly square square of take with the food,turn the eye,they became two pigses.Originally thousand look for to arrive at the small city that the spirit stops and rests with the parents,all foodses present to provide the article to the spirit,thousand the parents who look for for the sake of own desire,took to use and do not belong to their food.

    Thousand look for at frighten of remaining meet the young 哈 gram that have ever acquainted with,the 哈 gram to thousand look for to offer help,teach thousand look for in the way of the existence of the spirit world.Thousand look for to point out in the 哈 gram under,to set up the bathhouse soup the mother-in-law the self-recommendation.Only the benefit is the soup mother-in-law of the diagram in the 拗 however thousand look for of please give under,promise to let thousand look for in the bathhouse that she sets up the work,and will thousand look for of the name changes for"small thousand".

    Change name to"small thousand" of thousand look for,in the bathhouse the work of everyday pain,for of is the parents instauration that can let to become the pig one day to be the person.Thousand look for in the bathhouse to change the temper that the oneself indulges gradually,also know to reply into the rite for backing slowly meanwhile.Give full cooperation the help at many bathhouse staff members under,thousand look for and can save the parents who return the oneself finally.


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