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Translation and reasoning 20P

If the ultimate goal is to get points so that you can be "the chosen" expert of knowledge that is Not Correct or even Not True, would you be one? Please translate and reason. 20 points will be given to "the chosen" one.

Please try to write in formal Chinese, English, or Japanese.

Thank you.


Wow! All you guys are great here, I got so much more stuff than simply answers and words. The positive attitude you guys give has so great an influence on me. I have to say thank you for answering my questions. Thank you.

Update 2:

To Rachel

I love your reply! It is truly comforting to know that there are kids having fun with boards that are much more meaningful than go out and hurt themselves and maybe others. Well, the thought of it is making me feel better. Thanks.

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    I agree with both san and JAT 線上日本精品.

    As a matter of fact, I don't really care whether I shall become a Yahoo! Knowledge+ "expert" or not. And I do believe there are lots of people here got the same feeling. Because the gaining point system only used to encourage people. Although It does determine the quantity of the posting, it is not able to determine the quality of the answers. And with knowledge, we all know that quantity does not mean a thing without quality.

    It is undeniable that for some people, the point gaining system, in some extend, satisfies their need for competition and feelings of accomplishment. And therefore, they choose to answer every question they can see although the answers they provided could make no sense at all. But they still did it and Yahoo allowed them to do so.

    And most people, I believe, are people who are willing to use the Yahoo! Knowledge+ as a channel to exchange their knowledge and information. Since no one is an expert in everything.

    For example, one could be a lawyer but has no idea about how smart phone works. Likewaise, one could be an artist but does not know and understand how to finance for his or her needs. With Yahoo! Knowledge+, people can at least ask and know something they never touched before and can provide what they have known and already masterd in order to help others.

    It is foreseeable that we will still can see some make-no-sense things being posted around here. However, as the "market of ideas" moves on, I do believe the quality and quantity of the Yahoo! Knowledge+ postings will get better and greater. And I do believe the ultimate goal of th Yahoo! Knowledge+ is not just to choose one expert, but to encourage people to express themselves and increase the information flow and thereby benefits everyone who uses it. To be an "expert" at this website is merely collateral.

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    If you check the answer list and question list, these so call "the experts" of Yahoo do not answer questions a lot.  It obviously shows you don't have to answer a lot of questions to be "the expert".  These people are chosen by Yahoo.Answering incorrect is a such behavior I call "not responsible".  These people who answer incorrectly usually do not know what is going on.  They do not care if this is helpful to the person who ask questions.  They don't respect the person who ask.  I don't care these people stay home nicely in front of the computers instead of rally out and causing social problems.  These people still cause problems.  Think this way, there is no reward for being the master on this site, why these people still want to be the master?  Psychologically, I think these people are arrogant and vain.  If there are a high percentage of people in a country are vain and arrogant who are lack of responsibility and respect, there is no future in that country.  Let's look the other side.  The person who ask crazy questions to earn points are also lack of respect and responsibility.  To prevent incorrect answers, you should think what is the root cause.  The unrespect questions lead unrespect answers.  To check the rate of best answers of many people, there are only a few pass 60%.  Technically, these people did not pass school test.  Look the other side, these people complete almost 100% of their questions.  It shows the question is the real problem.  This site is pretty mentally sick now.

    Source(s): I, who pretty frustrated answering questions
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    From the existing "experts" of different areas,  we can see "the chosen" ones are determined by people in YAHOO, not us the users.Therefore there's only a slight chance to see someone answering the questions wrong all the time AND be chosen by the YAHOO people.But the current situation is: there are still tons of people just trying to earn points and never care if they answer these questions right or wrong.

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    這個問題哪裡來的有錯誤和 confusion

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    並沒有 請不要多心

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    JAT 線上日本精品 Your english is also good, too.

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    我想上這個網站的人都應該抱持一個基本態度,正如古人所說:盡信書不如無書,我們也要盡信網不如無網. 有很多人是來賺點數的,顯而易見,但是同時不應抹煞了認真回答的其他大眾之用心.

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