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我不想讓你擔心.我也不喜歡這樣的自己.有事沒事就會看看窗外. 突然出現你的影子;想著想著.不知不覺心情平靜了許多。

星期六的下午.只有我一個人在家.我不無聊.也不寂寞。我想打電話給你.又怕你在忙....算了吧? 些許的陽光透過落地窗照進來.我隨手寫下了.......

在美麗的星空裡  淺淺的沙灘  淡藍色的海  

有多少相知相惜的人  對著繁星  許下承諾 啊.....

那是很久以前的事了....... 牙色的月亮  照著現在的沙灘  一粒粒的細沙

只能回憶  不能成真

那麼............... 我寫這首詩.只是想告訴你............

----I am fine .我真的很好^_^

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    I don't know what happened to me lately. I thought if I just pick up my spirits and smile each day, things will go smoothly, but it comes out exactly opposite.

    I don't want you to worry, because of the way I am right now. I often look out the window, and all of a sudden, your image appears before me. By your appearance, my mood improved.

    I was home this Saturday afternoon alone. I didn't feel bored or lonely. I wanted to call you, but thought you might be busy. With the sunshine shinning through my window, I wrote:

    Such a beautiful sky, the shallow beach, light blue ocean

    Lots of interrelated people, look upon the stars, make a commitment to each other

    That was something that happend long ago... ivory moon, shining on the beach, each grain of sand can only bring back memories, and can not turn into reality

    I... I write this poem, just want to tell you...

    I'm fine, I'm really fine...

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    How didn't know me recently? I frequently like this ask oneself. Originally wants to hit the spirit well The belt smile is passing every one day-long.... But frequently is contrary to what expects. I do not want to let you worry I do not like such own 有事沒事 can have a look outside the window Suddenly appears your shadow; Thinks The mood has been unconsciously tranquil many. Saturday afternoon Only has me in the home I am not bored Also is not lonely. I want to make the phone call to you Also feared you in are busy... Has calculated? The trifle sunlight penetration French window according to comes in I have conveniently written down....... Sound of flowing water the sand beach pale blue sea has the person in the beautiful starry sky which how many dear friends pitied to the stars to promise pledge..... that is the very long before matter....... tooth color moon according to present sand beach grain of fine sand has only been able to recollect cannot become really that............... me to write this first poem Only is wants to tell you............ ----I am fine My really very good ^_^

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