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裡面ㄉ "Earth", "cry of the wounded horses" 象徵什麼?

"change at Lohne!"遊戲表示什麼?

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    These soldiers had to do long and hard drills. One drill that Himmelstoss makes them do is called "Change at Lohne". 這是我所找到的原文,那是他們所稱的一種遊戲。至於..cry of the wounded horses.應該是在這一段吧Things become quieter, but the cries do not cease .... The cries continue. It is not men, they could not cry so terribly. "Wounded horses" .... It's unendurable. It is the moaning of the world, it is the martyred creation, wild with anguish, filled with terror, and groaning ....他的意思應該是說受傷動物的聲音,讓人無法忍受,太哀欺了就像是It is the moaning of the world世界本身的哀嚎一般...底下附的網址有很多西線無戰事的資料,可以去看看說裡面就有寫earth代表什麼,earth to a soldier中的地球,其實是當作生命用。The earth represents life; therefore, earth to a soldier is a very important symbol. She shelters a soldier so he has a few more moments to live

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