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    Install instructions:

    1. 安裝前要先確認你有Uxtheme.dll file

    Before to start, please make sure you have installed

    either a tweaked Uxtheme.dll file or a copy of StyleXP

    (from TGT Software). If you don't know what I'm talking

    about, please visit this web page where the complete

    process is described:


    Once you have accomplished the previous requeriment,

    please extract the content of the zip file to your themes

    folder, located inside your "Resources" folder, usually:


    Please note that you must to unzip the file using the

    "Extract Using Folder Names" feauture in Winzip, otherwise

    the files won't keep their relative location. Once unzipped,

    you must to get at the root of your "Themes" folder a new

    "LinuxPackBeta" file and a new folder called "LinuxPackBeta"

    where all the content (Fonts, Shell and Walls

    folders) plus LinuxPackBeta.msstyles and this Readme.txt

    file) must be located.


    Please don't forget to install the fonts

    located at the "LinuxPackBeta/Fonts" folder copying them to your

    own Windows fonts folder, usually:


    4. Right click on your Desktop, and select "Properties" from

    the emergent menu. Select the "Themes" tab and choose the

    LinuxPackBeta theme.

    If you want to change the colour scheme (Linux Version) please go to the

    Appearance tab (also located at the Display Droperties

    dialog) and choose one of the available in the "Color Scheme"

    pull down menu.

    5. You'll find four wallpapers (one for each color scheme)

    in the LinuxPackBeta/Walls folder.

    That's all, enjoy it!

    Source(s): 裡面有附說明啦~~
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