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Calculus AB BC CP or PC的差別...

是CP or PC我不確定~~


都是AP course喔!!

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    I've never heard of either Calculus CP or PC...but When i was in High school back in 5 years ago...i took Calc.'s Harder but if you can pass AP exam then you can replace 2 semesters of credit hour for Calculus I and II in college.....

    **Recommandation Here** Take BC~~ cause most of the material are the SAME and why spend the same effort but receive different credit hours in the future?? Take FEWER hours in the college " = " less tuition spend in the college~~!!!...

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    Bc多了三個Chapter,不果我還修了physics c所以..就不想太麻煩,指學AB...

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    AP Calc只有AB和BC兩種



    AB的課程是所有基礎的微積分一直到Fundamental Theory of Calculus, integration techniques和application of antidifferentiation

    BC除了上述外,還包含Polynomial Approximations/ Series


    像筆者之前選Calc BC結果老師不會教,全得自修,雖然考了5但是上大學數列的基礎還是不夠,不能直接去上向量分析或微分方程式(大一下才修)

    可以去參考AP Calc Course Description,這比較準,畢竟筆者離高中已經很遠,都忘光了

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