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    Second of all, allow me to introduce Kimo.

    It is a multifunctional website, providing free web e-mails, weathers, and news.

    The website allows us to obtain information all around the world without leaving the house. It also provides powerful searching engines and other useful functions.

    Lastly, I would like to introduce Slime. It contains many free resources, program downloads, and many many more games to play.

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    Secondly, I would like to introduce Yahoo/Kimo. It is a multifunctional website providing free mail boxes, weather forecast and new. It enables people to reach out the world at home. There are also many practical functions, such as powerful search engine.

    Finally, I want to introduce "Slime". It is a site with plently of free resources including free software and PC games.

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    Secondly, allow me to introduce about Kimo. It is a multi-functional website which provides free e-mail service, the latest climate report and news. It allows us to stay in touch with the current status of the world. It is also a serch engine with many wonderful features.

    Finally, I would also like to share with you a website called "Slime". This is a website with softwares and games for you to download absolutely free of charge!

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    The second~let me introduce Kimo....It is the multi-function ㄉ website of the ㄍ ~provide the free mailbox~also have the meteorology~news~let we can at home can know the world matter~can also search a lot of things..Wait for some practical functions of ㄉ ~

    End~I want to introduce the history 萊姆 ~~it has a lot of free resources~still have the software download~still there are a lot of lot of ㄉ games can play~

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    Secondly, let's move to Yahoo Kimo, which is a portal to a myriad of web functions. The services include free e-mail, weather forecast, news and so on. This website brings the whole world to you at the ease of your home. You may also use its powerful search engine for desired results.

    The last one I would like to introduce is Slime, and it is a website with many free resources and free downloads. You may also find a lot of games here.

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