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    Caring for your GORE-TEX® garment:

    Regular wear and tear, plus exposure to dirt, detergents, insect repellant, and other impurities, causes DWR failure. DWR is not permanent on any fabric. Its effective life depends upon how you care for your garment and how rigorously it is used.

    The most effective way to maintain your Gore garment's water and stain repellency is to wash it, rinse it, and put it in your dryer. The washing removes contaminants and the heat from the dryer helps redistribute and bond the DWR on the fabric surface. You can also apply a restorative DWR treatment, available at most outdoor retail stores.

    基本上就是要洗....清洗乾淨...並用烘乾機烘乾... 沒說是手洗還是機器洗,不過我想老外基本上是不手洗的。

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