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  • 順民
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    是 Information Technology, 這是一個正式名詞,中文叫做資訊科技, 企業內部該部門通常負責資訊系統管理與建置維護工作.

    Information technology (IT) - Includes all matters concerned with the furtherance of computer science and technology and with the design, development, installation, and implementation of information systems and applications [San Diego State University]. An information technology architecture is an integrated framework for acquiring and evolving IT to achieve strategic goals. It has both logical and technical components. Logical components include mission, functional and information requirements, system configurations, and information flows. Technical components include IT standards and rules that will be used to implement the logical architecture.

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  • 柏蒼
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    2 decades ago

    是 Information Technology, 中文叫做資訊科技

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