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以下是摘自Associated Press的新聞…不過有些我翻起來很怪…不知道該怎麼用


Tsunami Death Toll Soars Past 58000

Indonesia-Thousands of bodies lay rotting and unidentified on lawns and streets of battered Sumatra island Wednesday and authorities called out bulldozers to dig mass graves, as the number killed in a mammonth earthquake and tsunami rose above 58000 with tens of thousands still missing. The U.N. health agency warned that disease could double the toll yet again.

Across a dozen countries, millions of people whose homes were swept away or wrecked by raging walls of water Sunday struggled to find shelter.

Along India's southeastern coast, hospital teams stood by to help the injured, but three days after the disaster still spent most of their time tabulating the dead as ambulances hauled in more bodies. A French cultural center in Thailand's capital battered southern beach resorts.

One of the most dramatic illustrations of nature's force came to light Tuesday when reporters reached the scene of a Sri Lankan train carrying beachgoers that was swept into a marsh by a wall of water Sunday, killing at least 802. Eight rust-colored cars lay in deep pools of water in a ravaged palm grove, torn off wheels and baggage scattered among the twisted rails.

"Is this the fate that we had planned for? My darling, you were the only hope for me," a young man cried for one of the train victims his university sweetheart as Buddhist monks prayed nearby.

Indonesia's Health Ministry said in a statement early Wednesday that thousands more bodies had been recovered, raising to more than 30,000 the number of confirmed deaths in parts of Sumatra island, the territory closest to the epicenter of the quake that sent tsunami waves rolling across the Indian Ocean. The count did not include a report of thousands more dead in the region around one coastal city.

Sri Lanka listed 21,700 people dead, India 4,400 and Thailand 1,500, with the toll expected to rise. A total of more than 300 were killed in Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Somalia, Tanzania, Seychelles and Kenya.

Officials had not yet counted the dead in two zones that suffered the brunt of both the earthquake and the tsunami that followed: the west coast of Sumatra and India's remote Andaman and Nicobar archipelagos just north of Sumatra.

Purnomo Sidik, national disaster director at Indonesia's Social Affairs Ministry, said 10,000 people had been reported killed in and around Meulaboh, a poor Sumatran town where most people are fishermen or workers on palm oil plantations. In India, police said 8,000 people were missing and feared dead on the two island chains.

Television footage from overflights of Meulaboh and other parts of Sumatra's west coast showed thousands of homes underwater. Refugees fleeing the coast described surviving on little more than coconuts before reaching Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province on Sumatra's northern tip, which itself was largely flattened by the quake.

"The sea was full of bodies," said one refugee, Sukardi Kasdi, who sailed a small boat to Banda Aceh to seek help for his family in Surang.

He said his family had nothing to eat but coconuts. "I don't know how long everyone else will survive," he said.

With aid not arriving quickly enough, desperate people in Meulaboh and other towns in Aceh were stealing whatever food they could find, officials said.

"People are looting, but not because they are evil, but they are hungry," said Red Cross official Irman Rachmat in Banda Aceh.

Bulldozers stood ready Wednesday in Banda Aceh to bury the thousands of dead bodies that littered the streets and lined the front lawns of government offices. With the threat of disease on the rise and few ways to identify the dead, officials said they had no choice to but start burying them in mass graves, said Col. Achmad Yani Basuki. "We will start digging the mass graves today," he said.

Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin, a military spokesman, said that naval ships were headed for the west coast with tons of food, water and medicine. He also said the convoy would include a portable hospital.

"We have very sketchy information about how many died there and the extent of the devastation. We're having extraordinary problems communicating there," Sjamsoeddin said.

The flooding uprooted land mines in Sri Lanka torn for years by a civil war threatening to kill or maim aid workers and survivors attempting to return to what's left of their homes.

Aid groups struggled to mount what they described as the largest relief operation the world has ever seen, and to head off the threat of cholera and malaria epidemics that could break out where water supplies are polluted with bodies and debris.

Dr. David Nabarro, head of crisis operations for the World Health Organization, warned that disease could take as many lives as Sunday's devastation.

"The initial terror associated with the tsunamis and the earthquake itself may be dwarfed by the longer term suffering of the affected communities," he told reporters at the U.N. agency's offices in Geneva.

A government official in India said Sunday's devastation had overwhelmed authorities, who were only now getting relief operations under control and starting to address health concerns.

"It was all sudden and unexpected. There were just too many bodies to recover," Veera Shanmuga Moni said. "Now that we are close to finishing that job, we will now take care of sanitation and supply of clean water."

The United States, Japan, Australia and other nations pledged millions of dollars to help the relief effort, and some sent military transport planes and helicopters to carry medical teams and emergency supplies.

In southern Thailand's Phang Nga province, where resorts had been packed with thousands of tourists from Europe and elsewhere when the tsunami hit, soldiers and volunteers were still finding bodies lying bloated and rotting in the tropical sun.

Survivors lined up at airports to leave the country, many without relatives or lovers they had come with.

"I saw many kids perish. I saw parents trying to hold them but it was impossible. It was hell," said Karl Kalteka of Munich, Germany, who lost his girlfriend in the torrent.

Amid the devastation, however, there were miraculous stories of survival. In Malaysia, a 20-day-old baby was found alive on a floating mattress and was reunited with her family.

In Thailand, 2-year-old Hannes Bergstroem, who was found dazed and alone after the waves hit, was claimed by an uncle after his photograph was posted on the Internet.

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported that the boy's mother and grandmother were missing, but later media reports said he was reunited with his grandmother. His father and grandfather were believed to be in another hospital in Thailand, but their exact location and conditions were not immediately known.

A U.N. agency has said that one-third of the disaster's victims were children.


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    海嘯死亡人數騰飛通過58000 印度尼西亞數以萬計身體被放置的爛掉和未認出在被打擊的蘇門答臘海島星期三和當局被召集的推土機草坪和街道開掘釵墳墓, 如同數字被殺害在mammonth 地震和海嘯上升了在58000 之上以十倍數以萬計仍然錯過。聯合國健康代辦處警告, 疾病能加倍通行費再。橫跨數國, 家被清掃或由發怒的水壁擊毀星期天的成千上萬人奮鬥發現風雨棚。

    沿印度的東南沿海, 醫院隊待命幫助傷害, 但在災害仍然三天花費了大多數他們的時間製成表死者作為救護車被拖拉在更多身體之後。法國文化中心在泰國的首都被打擊的南部的海灘勝地。

    自然的力量的最劇烈的例證的當中一個星期二明朗化了當記者到達了被清掃入沼澤由水壁星期天一列斯里蘭卡的火車運載的beachgoers 的場面, 殺害至少802 。八鐵鏽上色了汽車位置在深池水在一件被破壞的棕櫚樹叢、被撕毀的輪子和行李裡驅散在twisted 路軌之中。

    "這我們計劃了對是的命運? 我的親愛的, 您是對我的唯一的希望, "一個年輕人哭泣為火車受害者的當中一個他的大學甜心如同和尚附近祈禱了。印度尼西亞的健康部認為在聲明早期的星期三, 數以萬計更多身體恢復了, 提高到超過30,000 被證實的死亡的數量在蘇門答臘海島的部份, 疆土最接近送海嘯波浪滾動橫跨印度洋地震的震央。計數更死沒有包括數以萬計報告在這個區域在一個沿海城市附近。

    斯里南卡列出了21,700 個人死者、印度4,400 和泰國1,500, 與通行費被期望上升。一共計超過300 被殺害了在馬來西亞、Myanmar 、孟加拉國、馬爾地夫、索馬里、坦桑尼亞、塞舌爾群島和肯尼亞。官員未計數死者在遭受地震和海嘯衝擊隨後而來的二個區域: 蘇門答臘蘇門答臘和印度的遙遠的Andaman 和Nicobar 群島正義北部西海岸。

    Purnomo Sidik, 全國災害主任在印度尼西亞的社會事務部, 說10,000 個人被報告了被殺害在和在多數人民是漁夫或工作者在棕櫚油種植園的Meulaboh, 一個惡劣的Sumatran 鎮附近。在印度, 維持前述8,000 個人治安是缺掉和恐懼死在二個海島鏈子。

    電視鏡頭從Meulaboh 飛越和其它蘇門答臘的西海岸的部份顯示了數以萬計家水下。難民出逃沿海少釦韝騇忖l描述生存在在到達的Banda Aceh, Aceh 省的首都之前在蘇門答臘的北要訣, 本身由地震主要鋪平。"海是充分的身體," 前述一個難民, Sukardi Kasdi, 航行一條小船到Banda Aceh 到尋求幫助為他的家庭在Surang 。

    他說他的家庭食用了□什麼吃但椰子。"我不知道多久所有的人將生存," 他說。用援助不到達足夠迅速, 絕望人民在Meulaboh 和其它鎮在Aceh 竊取任何食物他們能發現, 官員說。"人們搶劫, 但不是因為他們是邪惡, 但他們餓," Rachmat 說紅十字正式Irman 在Banda Aceh 。推土機站立準備好星期三在Banda Aceh 埋沒亂丟街道和排行政府機關草坪的數以萬計屍體。以疾病在上升和少量方式威脅辨認死者, 官員認為他們沒有選擇對而是開始埋葬他們在釵h墳墓, Basuki 說Col. Achmad Yani 。"我們將開始今天開掘釵h墳墓," 他說。Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin, 一位軍事發言人, 說, 軍艦朝向為西海岸以噸食物、水和醫學。他並且說護衛艦會包括一家便攜式的醫院。

    "我們有非常關於多少的概略資訊死那裡和毀滅的程度。我們有非凡問題通信那裡, "Sjamsoeddin 說。水淹被連根拔的地雷在斯里南卡被撕毀幾年來由一次內戰威脅殺害或殘廢援助工作者和倖存者試圖返回到什麼是左他們的家。幫助小組奮鬥登上什麼他們描述了如同世界曾經看了的最大的安心操作, 並且朝向能發生霍亂和瘧疾流行性的威脅供水被汙染與身體和殘骸的地方。

    大衛Nabarro, 危機操作頭博士為世界衛生組織, 警告, 疾病能需要釵h生活當星期天的毀滅。"最初的恐怖與相關海嘯和地震也野悃v響的社區的較長期痛苦dwarfed," 他告訴了記者在聯合國代辦處的辦公室在日內瓦。

    一位政府官員在印度認為星期天的毀滅淹沒了當局, 只得到安心操作在控制之下和現在開始表達健康關心。"它是所有突然和意想不到的。有正義的釵h個身體恢復, "Veera Shanmuga Moni 說。"即然我們是緊挨工作, 我們現在將需要衛生乾淨的水關心和供應的精整。"

    美國、日本、澳洲和其它國家被承諾的成千上萬美元幫助安心努力、和一些被送的軍用運輸機和直昇機運載醫療隊和應急電源。在南泰國的Phang Nga 省, 手段被包裝了以數以萬計遊人從歐洲並且在別處海嘯命中, 戰士和志願者仍然發現身體說謊膨脹和爛掉在熱帶太陽。他們來了與的倖存者排隊在機場留下國家, 沒有親戚或戀人。

    "我看見孩子死亡。我看父母設法拿著他們但它是不可能的。它是地獄, "Kalteka 說卡爾·慕尼黑, 德國, 失去他的女朋友在洪流。在毀滅之中, 然而, 有生存神奇的故事。在馬來西亞, 一個20 天的嬰孩找到活在一個浮動床墊和與她的家庭團聚了。在泰國, 2 年的Hannes Bergstroem, 被發現發昏和單獨在波浪命中之後, 由伯父要求在他的相片被張貼了在網際網路之後。

    瑞典報紙Aftonbladet 報道, 男孩的母親和祖母是缺掉, 但最新媒介報告前述他與他的祖母團聚了。他的父親和祖父認為是在其它醫院在泰國, 但他們確切的地點和情況立刻不為人所知。聯合國代辦處認為, 災害的受害者的三分之一是孩子。

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    印尼,BANDA亞齊 2004年12月28日 以及#151; 數千身體放腐爛和未辨認出在草坪和磨損蘇門答臘島星期三的街道上和當局召集推土機理解集體墳墓, 當數目在一場龐大的地震裡殺死並且海嘯驟升超過58,000 用仍然丟失數以萬計時。 聯合國健康代理警告疾病能再次使損失加倍。


    "我的母親,沒有話﹗ 我的姐妹,兄弟,姑母,叔叔,祖母,沒有話﹗ "在Lhokseumawe,印尼在一個臨時陳尸所號叫一名婦女。 "他們在那裡? 他們在那裡? 我不知道在那裡開始看。 "

    沿著印度的東南海岸, 醫院隊準備就緒幫助受傷者,但是當救護車拖時,在災難仍然花費他們的大多數時間有表列出死者之后3 天, 在更多的身體裡。 當這個海猛擊南方的海濱勝地時,穿泰國的首都的一個法蘭西文化中心為剩沒有什麼的遊客家庭提供衣服和食品。




    自然的力量的最戲劇插圖之一星期二顯露出來, 當記者達到星期日被一座水堤掃成一片沼澤的運送beachgoers的一輛斯裡蘭卡火車的景象時, 殺死至少802。 8 輛鏽染色的小汽車在一片毀壞的手掌小樹林裡貯存水的深水池,撕破車輪和行李在盤旋的鐵軌中散佈。

    "這是我們已經為計畫的命運嗎? 親愛的,你是唯一的對我的希望,"一個年輕人迫切需要火車受害者之一 他的大學情人 因為佛的僧侶在附近祈禱。

    印尼的衛生部在陳述星期三的早些時候說, 那千個更多的身體已經被恢復,提升到超過30,000在蘇門答臘島的部分的證實死的數量, 最接近于使海嘯波滾過印度洋的地震的震中的領土。 數字沒在一座沿海城市左右包括一份在地區的千個更多的死者的報告。

    列舉的斯裡蘭卡21,700 人死,印度4,400和泰國1,500,帶有通行稅期望上漲。 共超過300被在馬來西亞,緬甸,孟加拉國,馬爾地夫群島,索馬利亞,坦尚尼亞,塞席爾群島和肯亞殺死。

    官員還沒有把死者算在內遭受地震和跟隨的海嘯的衝擊的兩個區域︰ 蘇門答臘和印度的遙遠Andaman 和Nicobar群島的西海岸正好蘇門答臘北部。

    Purnomo Sidik, 國家災難印尼的社會事務部的主任, 說10,000 人已經被報告被在Meulaboh,一個貧窮的蘇門答臘鎮,在那裡大多數人在棕櫚油種植園上是漁民們或者工人裡和在Meulaboh,一個貧窮的蘇門答臘鎮,在那裡大多數人在棕櫚油種植園上是漁民們或者工人周遭殺死。 在印度,警察說8,000 人在兩根島鏈子上丟失並且被懼怕死了。

    片段電視從飛越上空Meulaboh的和其他部分的蘇門答臘的在水下顯示數千個家的西海岸。 在到達Banda亞齊之前,逃離在僅僅椰子上倖存的描述的這個海岸的難民, 在蘇門答臘的北端的亞齊省的省會,那它自己被地震基本上變平。

    "這個海充滿身體", 要尋找的駕駛一只小船到Banda亞齊的被說的一名難民,Sukardi Kasdi在Surang裡為他的家庭幫助。

    除了椰子,他說他的家庭沒什麼可吃。 "我不知道其他每人將倖存多久",他說。


    "人們正搶劫,但是不是因為他們邪惡,但是他們飢餓",正式的Irman Rachmat在Banda亞齊說紅十字會。

    推土機星期三在Banda亞齊準備好埋使街道凌亂並且用線標出政府辦公室的前面草坪的數千死尸。 由於疾病的威脅鑑定死者的上升和很少路,官員說 他們沒有選擇,但是開始把他們隱藏在集體墳墓,Col 說。 Achmad Yani Basuki。 "我們今天將開始挖集體墳墓",他說。

    Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin,一位軍隊發言人,說海軍船是被大量食品,水和醫學前往西海岸。 他也說護航將包括一所便攜式醫院。

    "我們有非常不完全的訊息大約多少在那裡死和破壞的範圍。 我們正有特別的問題在那裡交流,"Sjamsoeddin 說。

    泛濫在斯裡蘭卡根除地雷 透過一場內戰多年撕破 威脅殺死或者使試圖返回他們的家的所被留下的的援助人員和生還者殘廢。

    援助小組努力安裝他們描述成世界曾經看見的最大的救濟工作的, 並且阻止能在給水被身體和瓦礫污染的地方爆發的霍亂和瘧疾流行病的威脅。


    "最初恐怖與海嘯相關,地震本身可能被受影響的社區的長期痛苦使顯得小", 他在日內瓦告訴聯合國代理的辦公室的記者。


    "它全部突然和想不到。 只是有太多身體恢復,"Veera Shanmuga Moni 說。 "既然我們接近于完成那個工作,我們現下將管理乾淨的水的衛生和供應。 "

    美國,日本,澳洲和其他國家保證數百萬美元幫助救援努力, 並且一些送軍事運輸飛機和直升飛機運送醫療隊和緊急救援物質。

    在南方的泰國的Phang Nga 省裡,在那裡當海嘯撞擊時,勝地從歐洲和在別處被數千名遊客擠滿, 士兵和志願者仍然發現躺的身體被膨脹並且在熱帶太陽裡腐爛。


    "我看見很多孩子死亡。 我看見父母努力容納他們,但是它是不可能的。 它是地獄,"在急流裡失去他的女朋友的德國,慕尼黑的凱爾Kalteka 說。

    在破壞中,不過,有生存的奇跡般的故事。 在馬來西亞,一個20天老的嬰兒被在一個流動的褥墊上發現活著並且被她的家庭重聚。

    在泰國, 2歲的Hannes Bergstroem,被發現暈眩和單獨在在他的照片被張貼在網際網路上之后,撞擊的波,被一個叔叔聲稱之后。

    瑞典語報紙Aftonbladet 報告男孩的母親和祖母丟失,但是過后媒介報告說他被他的祖母重聚。 他的父親和祖父被相信在在泰國的另一所醫院,但是他們的精確的位置和條件沒立即被知道。

    一項聯合國代理已經說災難的受害者的3 分之1 是孩子。

    版權2005 美國聯合新聞社。 版權所有。 這種材料可能不被出版,廣播,重寫,或者重新分發。

    Source(s): 譯點通翻ㄉ
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