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  • Kelvin
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    2 decades ago
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    The Internet for some people its basically a huge WAN (Wide Area Network) meaning several computers in a network that is not limited to a single building (which is a LAN for Local Area Network). So if you believe that the Internet is a WAN then it was invented somewhere around 1969, when the US Advance Research Projects Agency (ARPA) established ArpaNet, a wide area network connecting government, military, scientific and academic facilities to look for ways to improve the "American Edge" during the cold-war.

    For others, the Internet is a non-centralized public network of computers based on linkable documents. Which is closer to what we know as the Web. If you believe so, then the invention day would be located on the year 1980, when Tim Berners Lee (known as the Father of the Web) created a program linking information among several different projects at CERN (the European Center for Nuclear Research).

    Finally, others (and I'm in this group) think that the Internet is a public network of computers speaking a single language, which would be TCP-IP (for Transfer Control Protocol - Internet Protocol, Internet meaning International Net), which came up with URLs (Web Address), HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), Domains (as DotCom and DotOrg) and Browsers (as Mosaic, the first one, and then Netscape and IExplorer). Which is the actual WorldWideWeb (WWW). If you think like this then the date would be somewhere around 1990-1992 (from the dates Tim Berners Lee presented his TCP-IP project until he actually finished it, nevertheless, he started working on it on 1986).

    So at the end we have no specific date, but at least some approximate ones, on the milestones of the creation of what some people consider the most wonderful invention of the last century.

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  • 2 decades ago


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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    在1969年,美國的一個軍方機構Advanced Research Project Agency(簡稱為ARPA),建立了一個實驗性質的電腦網路,就稱為 ARPAnet;ARPAnet首先是先讓軍方的研究人員與大學的網路連接起來,可以分享彼此的資源、以e-mail通信;後來這個網路隨著時間不斷地成長、演進,並且有更多機構的網路也開始加入與它銜接,原本的ARPAnet經過了十幾年的演變,終於在1987年正式被稱為Internet,也就是網際網路

    Source(s): 網路
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