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    有些因為年代過久,所以沒有中文翻譯,對不起喔!^^"2003 天降奇兵 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen2000 心靈訪客 Finding Forrester1999 將計就計 Entrapment1998 隨心所慾 Playing by Heart1998 復仇者   The Avengers1996 絕地任務 The Rock1996 魔龍傳奇 Dragonheart1995 第一武士 First Knight1995 正當防衛 Just Cause1994 天生大英雄 A Goodman in Africa1993 旭日東昇 Rising Sun1992 燃燒的天堂 Medicine Man1991 俠盜王子羅賓漢 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves1991 時空奇兵 Highlander II: The Quickening1990 俄羅斯大廈 The Russia House1990 獵殺紅色十月 The Hunt For Red October1989 家族企業 Family Business1989 聖戰奇兵 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1988 普西迪基地 The Presidio1987 鐵面無私 The Untouchables1986 薔薇的記號 The Name of the Rose(Name der Rose, Der)1986 時空英豪 Highlander1983 巡曳飛彈 Never Say Never Again1982 Five Days One Summer1982 Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight1982 Wrong Is Right1981 Time Bandits1981 九霄雲外 Outland1979 Cuba1979 Meteor1979 The First Great Train Robbery1977 奪橋遺恨 A Bridge too Far1976 The Next Man1976 羅賓漢與瑪麗安 Robin and Marian1975 大戰巴墟卡 The Man Who Would Be King1975 黑獅鎮雄風 The Wind and the Lion1975 Ransom1974 Murder on the Orient Express1974 Zardoz1973 突擊者 The Offense1971 金剛鑽 Diamonds Are Forever1971 The Anderson Tapes1971 Krasnaya palatka1970 The Molly Maguires1969 Male of the Species (TV)1968 Shalako1967 007-5 雷霆谷 You Only Live Twice1966 脂粉金剛 A Fine Madness1965 The Incredible World of James Bond (TV)1965 007-4 霹靂彈 Thunderball1965 The Hill1964 007-3 金手指 Goldfinger1964 Woman of Straw1964 Marnie1963 007-2 第七號情報員續集 From Russia with Love1962 007-1 第七號情報員 Dr.No1962 The Longest Day1961 "Adventure Story" (TV Series)1961 The Frightened City1961 On the Fiddle1961 Anna Karenina (TV)1961 Macbeth (TV)1960 "An Age of Kings" (mini) TV Series1960 Without the Grail (TV)1960 Colombe (TV)1959 Crucible (TV)1959 Tarzan's Greatest Adventure1959 The Square Ring (TV)1959 Darby O'Gill and the Little People1958 Women in Love (TV)1958 Another Time, Another Place1957 No Road Back1957 Time Lock1957 Anna Christie (TV)1957 Action of the Tiger1957 Hell Drivers1957 Requiem for a Heavyweight(TV)1955 Lilacs in the Spring (uncredited)

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    1999 【將計就計】(Entrapment)

    1998 【隨心所慾】(Playing by Heart)

    1998 【復仇者】(The Avengers)

    1996 【絕地任務】(The Rock)

    1996 【魔龍傳奇】(Dragonheart)

    1996 【魔龍傳奇】(Dragonheart)

    1995 【第一武士】(First Knight)

    1994 【天生大英雄】(A Goodman in Africa)

    1993 【旭日東昇】(Rising Sun)

    1992 【燃燒的天堂】(Medicine Man)

    1991 【時空奇兵】(Highlander Ⅱ)

    1990 【俄羅斯大廈】(The Russia House)

    1990 【獵殺紅色十月】(The Hunt For Red October)

    1989 【家族企業】(Family Business)

    1987 【鐵面無私】(The Untochables)

    1986 【聖戰奇兵】(Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

    1986 【薔薇的記號】(The Name of the Rose)

    1986 【時空英豪】(Highlander)

    1983 【巡曳飛彈】(Never Say Never Again)

    1977 【奪橋遺恨】(A Bridge too Far)

    1976 【羅賓漢與瑪麗安】(Robin and Marian)

    1975 【大戰巴墟卡】(The Man Who Would Be King)

    1975 【黑獅鎮雄風】(The Wind and the Lion)

    1971 【突擊者】(The Offense)

    1971 【金剛鑽】(Diamonds Are Forever)

    1966 【脂粉金剛】(A Fine Madness)

    1965 【霹靂彈】(Thunderball)

    1963 【第七號情報員續集】(From Russia with Love)

    1962 【第七號情報員】(Dr.No)

    1956 【No Road Back】

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