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外商管理顧問公司的工作性質?(15 points)







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    One of the oldest and largest general circulation newspapers in the United States needed help reorganizing its advertising sales effort in a recession. The client's goals included improving market share and boosting revenue performance. The McKinsey team stressed the need to make big changes, given that newspapers which reorganize sales during downturns typically gain share disproportionately in recoveries.

    Making way for the new

    The team worked with the client to institute operational reforms and change how the advertising sales staff approached their work. A "consultative" selling process was instituted, and sales staffers were given power to negotiate flexible deals in response to customers' needs. A revamped infrastructure allowed staffers to bring the research and creative departments into client discussions much earlier to allow for true collaboration. Above all, a staff that had grown accustomed to passivity was encouraged to be creative and analytical, to speak up and propose innovative approaches – even, at times, to risk failure.

    The staff evaluation process was also revised to include 360-degree feedback (across seniority levels) and variable compensation grew substantially, based on incremental contributions, rather than sales or lineage. The newspaper also provided greater back-office support, doubling selling time with no added salespeople.

    Fresh perspective brings new growth

    A staff that had been passive became creative and analytical. Customer complaints dropped, and advertisers began regarding the sales staff as partners in growing their businesses. As one client executive observed, "We are a media company. We don't deliver products; we deliver an audience."The new process resulted in increases of 10 to 60 percent in specific categories over the following 18 months, performance that far exceeded the industry average.

  • 2 decades ago

    Top tier strategy consulting firms:

    McKinsey & Company

    Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

    Bain & Company

    Monitor Group

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    AT Kearney

    Bain, Monitor and BAH have no office in Taiwan yet.

  • 2 decades ago

    Mckinsey, BCG是全球前兩名的管理顧問公司, Accenture是另外一家排名前10的公司, 在台灣都有找人, 如果有其他問題, 再問我囉

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago


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