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鯨魚 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


第一題: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, SO ~~~~~~~~~THAT~~~~~~~(一整句,內容隨便)

第二題: HOW+adj+IT IS+TO V (一整句,內容隨便)



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    2 decades ago
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    如果要先說一句話 後面才要再接 so 還要跟that 分開的話

    就變成 "因為怎樣怎樣,所以怎樣怎樣"

    The tsunami just came too soon, so people on the beach were all swallowed by the water that even now some of them are still missing.





    可是如果是so... that...的話 表示 "太怎樣怎樣 所以怎樣怎樣"

    就可以說 He is so young that he couldn't go to school.



    How terrible it is to see the tsunami came over with your eyes.


    p.s. 讓我們一起送愛心到南亞

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    2 decades ago


  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    He is a cool man, so cool that no woman can deny him.

    How hard it is to achieve this project?

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  • 2 decades ago

    It was so cold on the new year eve that I did not go to Taipei City Hall with my friends for the final countdown.

    How pity it was to stay at home instead of going out for fun!

  • 2 decades ago

    1. He is so handsome that I admire him a lot.

    2. How difficult it is to answer such simple questions.

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