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請問這兩個單字的分別,Expand 和 Extend ..




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    Expand 是擴大的意思, extend 是算延長



    該用延長的時候就用延長, 懂?

    Expand has the implicit meaning of 'growing by the size',

    whereas extend simply means 'lengthen horizontally'.

    However, depending on the situation of your need the grammar slightly varies.

    For instance, if somebody wants you to expand on one of your comments,

    then that means they wanted you to speak a little more about what you just said.

    In this case the word 'extend' could not correctly apply.

    Say in a second situation where you are rushing through a report knowing that you do not have enough time to have it done, you might want to request the instructor to 'extend' your deadline. I hope I've made myself understandable here.

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    expand 是面積的擴張

    extend 線的延長

    若有不盡之處,請不吝指教 !!

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