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    1. Cheer up! / Come on! / Take it easy! 打起精神來!

    2. Do your best! / Do a good job! 盡力去做!

    3. Go for it! 加油!

    4. Hang in there! / Keep at it! / Try harder! 繼續加油!

    5. You can do it! 你可以做得到!

    6. I wish you success! 祝你成功!

    7. Try again! 再試一次!

    8. Don't be a chicken! 不要畏懼!

    9. Try again! 試著做做看!

    10. Keep your chin up! 不要沮喪!

    11. Look onthe bright side. 樂觀一點。

    12. Don't give up! / Keep it up! / Never give up! 別放棄!

    Source(s): Dictionary of English for Unexpected Situations
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    再人家失敗時說nice try也可以

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    We usually use "Go for it!" to encourage someone to take action. For example, I'd ask my friends if I should do something, my friends think it's a good thing to do. They'd tell me to "go for it". They often would add "Good luck!" at the end as well.

    During games, we'd say "defense" when our team is in defensing position.

    If I was not doing too well, my friends would say "good job, better luck next time." Or "nice try", but it's not really "加油吆!"

    The closest translation may be "Good luck!"

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    1.Do your best!

    2.Never give up!別放棄

    3.Never give in!別屈服

    4.Trust me, you can make it!

    5.Nothing will bring you down !沒有什麼會擊敗你的

    6.Maybe things will be better next time. 也許下次事情會順一點

    7.Don't be so negative.別那麼悲觀

    8.Take it easy.

    9.Just try as hard as you could!全力以赴吧

    10.Everything will be fine. 一切會很順利的

    11.You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work. 你做得很棒,再接再厲

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