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誰有X-PRESS 2的LAZY這首歌的歌詞?

誰有X-PRESS 2的LAZY這首歌的歌詞?

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    I'm lazy when I'm lovin', I'm lazy when I play

    I'm lazy with my girlfriend a thousand times a day

    I'm lazy when I'm speaking, I'm lazy when I walk

    I'm lazy when I'm dancin' and I'm lazy when I talk

    I open up my mouth, it comes rushin' out

    Nothin', doin' nadda, never, how you like me now

    Wouldn't it be mad, wouldn't it be fine

    Lazy, lucky lady, dancin', lovin' all the time

    * I I I I'm wicked and I'm lazy

    Ooooh, don't you wanna save me

    Some folks they got money an' some folks lives are sweet

    Some folks make decisions an' some folks clean the streets, now

    Imagine what it feels like, imagine how it sounds

    Imagine life is perfect an' everything works out

    ** No tears are fallin' from my eyes

    I'm keepin' all the pain inside

    Now don't you wanna live with me

    I'm lazy as a man can be

    (Repeat *)

    Imagine there's a girlfriend, imagine there's a job

    Imagine there's an answer, imagine there's a God

    Imagine I'm a Devil, imagine I'm a saint

    Lazy money, lazy sexy, lazy outta space

    (Repeat **,*)

    Lazy when I work, lazy on the bed

    Screamin' all you like, but it only fades away

    I'm lazy when I'm prayin', lazy on the job

    Got a lazy mind, a lazy eye, a lazy lazy father

    Hard men, hard lives

    Hard keepin' it all inside

    Good times, good God

    I'm so lazy I almost stop

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