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    This city is a city which a trade and the industrial development pays

    equal attention to, because of this city according to Shan Mienhai,

    occupies the major part in the environment the superiority, we

    positively impels each big merchant in the industry aspect to suppose

    the factory in this city, and gives the preferential benefit loan and

    each complete necessary measure, in order to can enable, the small

    business will to develop vigorously gets up, we can have are various

    merchants which more and is more perfect diligently plan a more

    complete plan.

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    robert翻得不是很好 沒有連接詞 也不道地 還有贅句 文法也不對 語意也不對

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    because of this city according to Shan Mienhai



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    which city is this? Taichung?

    2004-12-30 00:50:51 補充:

    Jenny, I am afraid you have picked the most incorrect translation. It looks like the output from the tranalation engine.

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