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    Who is Prince William? (1997)

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    Who is Prince William of Wales?

    His Royal Highness, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis is second in line of inheritance to the British throne. His Father, Prince Charles of Wales, is first. When William becomes king, he will most likely be known as William V. Monarchs are under no obligation to use their first names - eg. Queen Victoria's first name was Alexandra, and George VI's was Albert. So, he could be King Philip, or King Louis, or even King Arthur (though using that last one would be more than a bit tacky).

    William's parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana (1961-1997) of Wales, broke with tradition and raised William by hand rather than having him raised through the nursery system common to British upper-class life. He will also be the first monarch to have traveled with his parents as a baby (William went to Australia and New Zealand with them when he was less than a year old). He also is the first monarch to have disposable diapers rather than the traditional thick terry cloth ones.

    His parents were considered to be the hands-on type, changing diapers, feeding, and bathing William. They also got to "enjoy" the young prince's development through the stages of Wombat, Billy the Basher, and Wills, to the now tall (6-foot-one-and-one-half inches), well built, good-looking, young man we see attending Eton College. William currently wears braces (and/or a retainer) and will not smile as much for the cameras until he is well used to them.

    Relationship with His Parents

    William was able to get along well with both of his parents, balancing their diverse characteristics and emotional traits. His mother, Diana, was sensitive and loving both in public and private, while his father, Charles, was emotionally distant in public, but loving in private (as Charles' parents were with him).

    He has walked a tightrope between both parents when they became simply one of the legions of divorced couples - acting as "what publicly looked like" a protector towards Mom, and with a man to man understanding of his father's feelings, as we saw him walk together in public with both.


    In addition, William was able to form a relationship with, and show a moderate affection for, the ever popular Tiggy (Alexandra Legge-Bourke), a former nanny who was recently released from employment because both William and Henry had outgrown the need for a nanny. In a recent move, Prince Charles has re-employed Tiggy to act as an adult female companion to the two princes, and to help them cope with the death of their mother, Diana.

    Various Facts About William

    William is athletic, willing and able to shoot, hunt, ski, ride, and play sports. He likes cars, favoring models that go very fast. William already knows how to drive and has been spotted behind the wheel on his grandmother's estates. He has tea with the Queen on Sundays. He attends dances & discos and has publicly stated at the age of 13 that he will not join the Royal Navy as other family members have done before him. He likes Playboy magazine. His first public outing was on St. David's Day years ago, when the world learned that William was left-handed as he signed a visitor's book WILLIAM.

    The prince knows how to do a walkabout. He is kind and polite while shaking hands and accepts flowers with good manners. He is said to be upset by the cameras trained upon his every move and reporters who constantly follow him at all public moments.

    It also is a very well known fact that William is computer literate and Internet literate. Although, he tends to keep contact only with friends whom he already has met personally.

    Public Response to Prince William

    William has no black marks on his record other than pinching a woman's bottom, and almost everyone has positive things to say about him. It looks as if William has been able to deal with the difficulties associated with his ever increasing public lifestyle in a world where Tabloids can manipulate the British Monarchy with ease.


    At the end of the day, we are left with a good looking; well behaved, future King William whom one magazine commented is "the last best hope of the British Monarchy." Indeed, much hope for the future of the monarchy and for its reform and modernization now rides on the shoulders of this young man. No one seems concerned (as well they should be) that placing such responsibility on any 15 year old, no matter how intelligent and talented, is probably unwise both for him and for those who place it.

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    1. Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor 或

    2. Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor 或

    3. Prince William Arthur Philip Louis




    His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales (威爾斯威廉王子殿下)

    (『His Royal Highness』簡稱為HRH,即『殿下』之意,若為公主或王妃,則His改為Her),若將來登基為王,則為: His Majesty King William Ⅴ






    1982年8月4日 於白金漢宮(Buckingham Palace)舉行。


    約 185.42 公分 (6呎1吋) 持續發育中


    約 61~65公斤 (135~145磅) 持續發育中






    Wills、Wombat、Billy、Dreamboat Willy、Prince of Wails


    1985-1987 Mrs.Mynor's Nursery School

    1987-1990 Wetherby School

    1990-1995 Ludgrove School

    1995-2000 Eton College

    威廉日前接受媒體採訪說他想進入以寫作出名且標榜"與眾不同"的東英格蘭大學(East Anglia)就讀藝術史,並說自伊頓畢業後要休息一年.

    "Eton College"是英國著名的貴族學校,每年學費約2萬美金。

    威廉於95年九月7日進去就讀,住在"Manor House",且有屬於自己的小房子。


    Kensington Palace (黛安娜王妃生前住所)威廉目前已經搬出與父親同住

    estate Highgrove and Balmoral (查爾斯王子住所)

    Buckingham Palace (女王依利莎白住所)


    義大利通心粉、漢堡、鹿肉(呃? .....)、巧克力、披薩、水果沙拉、、、
















    娜塔莉(Natalie Imbruglia)

    小甜甜布蘭妮(Britney Spears)

    辣妹合唱團(Spice Girls)



    『不可能的任務』(Mission Impossible)的主題曲



    他目前已經被允許可以在某些倫敦的Disco party跳舞.........當然要有保鏢在場。



    根據1998年2月21日 London Times的報導,威廉其實和我們一樣,也喜歡玩電腦,據說他的電腦能力不錯喔!他常以E-mail與其它皇室成員保持聯絡。


    由於目前威廉已經搬出"肯辛頓宮"(黛妃生前住所)與父親住在"聖詹姆士宮",所以兩者都可以寄,他們會幫忙轉信。但就是不能寄去學校Eton College,別弄錯了!

    寄信給威廉囉!(請記得寫抬頭) ^-^

    HRH Prince William......這是抬頭

    Kensington Palace

    Kensington,London W8 4PU

    Great Britain


    St. James Palace


    SW1A 1BS

    Great Britain

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    Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was born on 21 June 1982 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, in London. He was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Buckingham Palace.

    Prince William began his education at Mrs Mynor's Nursery School in west London in September 1985, aged 3. In January 1987, William was enrolled at Wetherby School, also in London, and was a pupil there until July 1990. He spent five years at Ludgrove School from September 1990 until July 1995, and then attended Eton College, Windsor, where he studied Geography, Biology and History of Art at A Level after sitting 12 GCSEs.

    After passing his A Levels, Prince William took a gap year, spending time on manoeuvres in Belize, working on a farm in the United Kingdom, helping in community projects with other young people in a remote area of Chile, and visiting countries in Africa.

    Prince William is currently at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, where he is studying Geography, having switched from History of Art.

    Prince William is a keen sportsman and prefers football, rugby, tennis, swimming and water polo. At Ludgrove, he was rugby and hockey team captain and represented the school at cross-country running. William is also a crack clay pigeon shooter, winning the school's prize in 1994. He acted in school plays, and enjoys reading and film-going.

    Prince William's first public appearance was on a visit to Wales on St David's Day (1 March), at a service at Llandaff Cathedral, aged 8. In May 1995, Prince William accompanied his mother, father and brother to the 50th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) commemorations in Hyde Park; he also accompanied his family to the VJ (Victory in Japan) Day 50th anniversary commemorations in front of Buckingham Palace and in the Mall in August 1995.

    He attended his mother's funeral at Westminster Abbey on 6 September 1997. In the same year he made another official appearance at Westminster Abbey, when he attended the service of thanksgiving to mark the Golden Wedding of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in November 1997. In 2002, he attended engagements in London to mark the Golden Jubilee of his grandmother, The Queen.

    He undertakes no official engagements on his own, but he has accompanied his father on several official visits around the UK.



    Prince William was born at 9.03pm on June 21, 1982, at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, in London. A bulletin announced that the Royal baby weighed 7lb 1 1/2oz.

    On August 4, 1982, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Robert Runcie, in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace.

    Prince William attended Mrs Mynor's Nursery School in west London from September 24, 1985, when he was three years old. Prince William acted in two nursery school plays, attended by his mother and father and younger brother Prince Harry, and also sang solo.

    Prince William was next a pupil at Wetherby School, also in west London, from January 15, 1987, until July 5, 1990. It was noted that he had a flair for English and spelling. Sports Day was held annually at Richmond Athletic Ground and both The Prince and Princess of Wales took part in parents' races.

    Prince William proved himself to be a stylish swimmer and entered the school gala held every March. At the age of seven, he won the Grunfield Cup awarded to the boy with the best overall swimming style. Prince William sang in the 1987, 1988 and 1989 Christmas concerts, and took part in the June 1990 school play.

    In December 1990, Prince William accompanied the Princess of Wales to a Christmas concert by the London Symphony Chorus, at the Barbican in London, when he made his first public signature, signing the visitors' book, confirming that he is left-handed.

    The Prince spent five years at Ludgrove School in Berkshire, from September 10, 1990 until July 5, 1995.

    Prince William was eight years old on his first public appearance, at Llandaff Cathedral, when he joined The Prince and Princess of Wales on a visit to Wales on St David's Day, March 1, 1991.

    The Prince's sporting prowess came to the fore at Ludgrove where he was rugby and hockey team captain, stylish swimmer, useful footballer and basketball player, crack clay pigeon shooter and represented the school at cross-country running.

    On June 3, 1991, Prince William was admitted to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, after an accident at Ludgrove. Playing with a friend on the putting green, he was hit on the side of the head with a golf club. He suffered a depressed fracture of the forehead but was not knocked out.

    Prince William was transferred by ambulance to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children and that evening underwent an operation.

    In June 1995, The Prince of Wales took part with Prince William in Ludgrove's father-and-son clay pigeon shooting competition. In July 1995, the Princess of Wales and Prince William - at the age of 13 - played in the mother-and-son tennis competition at Ludgrove School.

    In May 1995, Prince William accompanied his mother, father and brother to the 50th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) commemorations in Hyde Park, and on August 19, 1995, went with them to The Mall for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of VJ Day and the end of the Second World War.

    Prince William and Prince Harry walked behind their mother's cortege at her funeral at Westminster Abbey on September 6, 1997.

    Prince William went to Westminster Abbey again in November 1997 when he attended the service of thanksgiving to mark the Golden Wedding of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

    In March 1998 Prince William and Prince Harry accompanied The Prince of Wales on a visit to Vancouver, Canada.

    On January 2, 2000, Prince William and Prince Harry accompanied The Prince of Wales on a visit to Cardiff. They heard hymns and readings in Welsh and English and joined 60,000 people for a special edition of the BBC's Songs of Praise at the Millennium Stadium.

    The Prince of Wales has asked the media to respect his son's privacy, to allow him to lead a normal school life.

    Prince William attended Eton College, Windsor from 1995, and studied geography, biology and history of art at A Level.

    His favourite sports - mainly team sports - included water polo, football and rugby, and he enjoyed being with friends, going to the cinema, and watching football and rugby matches.

    He has a black Labrador, called Widgeon, and shares the Royal Family's love of horses.

    Prince William learned his A-level results in August 2000, whilst in the jungle in Belize during the first stage of his gap year. He was preparing for survival exercises with the Welsh Guards, of which The Prince of Wales is Colonel.

    “St James's Palace is pleased to announce Prince William's A-level results: History of Art - B; Geography - A; Biology - C,” said The Palace statement.

    “Accordingly, Prince William has been accepted to attend the university of his first choice, the University of St Andrews, on a four year course to study an MA (Honours), Art History degree.”

    The Prince left Eton College, Windsor, a month after his 18th birthday. His stay in Belize involved sleeping in a hammock strung between trees, wearing jungle combats, hats and boots, and eating British Army rations.

    After the Belize visit, Prince William spent a private few weeks engaged in an educational project.

    Prince William then spent the final stage of his gap year in southern Chile as a volunteer with Raleigh International. Pictures and reports

    Prince William is second in line of succession to the throne, after his father, The Prince of Wales, who is heir apparent.

    The 22-year-old Prince does not yet carry out his own public engagements, but he has accompanied his father on several official visits.

    In September 2001, Prince William began a four-year degree course at St Andrews University in Scotland. In May 2003, he gave an interview and some photographs were released to mark the mid-point of his studies.

    In June 2003, another interview and more photographs of Prince William were released to celebrate his 21st birthday.

    To mark the special occasion, photographer, Mario Testino also took some photographs of the young Prince, who celebrated his birthday with a party held at Windsor Castle.

    At this time he also accompanied The Prince of Wales on an official visit to Wales, where he chose to carry out both rural and urban engagements.

    The Prince of Wales and Prince William visited the Anglesey Food Fair at the Anglesey Showground and then went on to Newport to open a new homeless charity day centre for Newport Action for Single Homeless (NASH).

    Before Christmas 2003 Prince William took part in a photocall in St Andrews and another with his father at The Prince of Wales' Duchy Home Farm in May 2004.

    In June 2004, Prince Harry and his brother Prince William attended the funeral of their maternal grandmother, Mrs Frances Shand Kydd in Oban, Scotland.

    During the private service, Prince William read a lesson from the Jerusalem Bible, Romans Chapter 8; Verses 35 - 39.

    Later, Prince William and his brother Prince Harry joined members of the Spencer family at a private burial at a cemetery at the edge of the town.

    Prince William, Prince Harry and their father The Prince of Wales accompanied The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh to the opening of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park, London on July 6th 2004.

    On 10th July 2004, Prince William and Prince Harry made a surprise appearance to show their support for Sport Relief's one mile charity event in London.

    On 14th November 2004, Prince William attended the Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph in London.

    Prince William is currently in the final year of his four-year geography degree at St Andrews University. In November 2004, he gave an interview and some photographs were released to mark the mid-point of his studies.

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