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    To think about our ancestor's contribution, as more as the heven. when the early time of year, good festival comes in the first spring. It's hard to forget our repay to the ancestry, therefore we should obey the old law of family. Depend on our deep emotion with ancestor, please bless our family, as well as the melon's steam to spread it out to the shadow of tree.

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    Source(s): 小弟才疏學淺,不過還是竭盡所學試翻看看
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    Uygur I first Germany, solid Gao Houer and the day. meet this beginning of the year, a festival also session of vernal equinox, the newspaper this am unforgettable, the old standard suitably gives respectfully obeys. the Zhan jade-like stone sweeping, sense the child admires it to make up depth. ancestor Germany to bless me, the shade melon 瓞 to is continuous.

    瓞 左邊的字翻不出來不好意思

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