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    what is VCND ?

    the answer is Volunteer cadre for national development (VCND).

    In order to achieve millenium class generation for Bangladesh who can deal with changing future with networking, continuous adaptation, new learning skills, brain power and knowledge management we need to have Volunteer Cadre for National Development (VCND). This VCND will be the government guided forward-looking fighters for development.

    VCND will be formed with students all over Bangladesh. The Bangladesh education system requires twelve years prior to entrance to University. One of these twelve years of schooling be spent in compulsory VCND training. All over Bangladesh, students must participate to these educational development services. The major role of VCND is to transform our national weakness into strength. They will learn for themselves and pass their knowledge to the uneducated and the future generations. They will take initiatives to build their future and at the same time help to build their nation.

    NAB will do the overall execution and coordination of VCND. Their course curriculum, training and practical attachment materials, leaflets, brochures, audio-vedio cassettes will be designed and redesigned by the NAB advisory wing. For the prior preparation of the VCND training, students of all over Bangladesh from Class Seven to Class Nine should have a compulsory course named, say, "Fundamentals of Bangladesh Development Studies." This is to ensure that the students could catch up the VCND training materials easily. In each High School there will be a teacher who will teach and coordinate VCND programme. Members from the local judicial, administrative and police force may also contribute in the training programme.

    I hope this detail could be helpful to you.

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