If some Blacks are poor from racism and segregation, then what is whites excuse for being poor.?

I'm Indian well at lest half, I see questions all the time about whites saying blacks are poor because of a blame game. But what are whites excuse for being poor?

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    I resent the hell out of the snappy answers some of you kids have given to this question.

    I am white.

    I am a senior citizen.

    I have a college education.

    I work very,very hard.

    I am very, very poor!

    See my answer to the question about a conspiracy a few minutes ago for some of my feeling on this "poor" issue, but for heaven's sake, quit using all the one-word b.s. "answers" that the haters and the Republicans have drilled into your heads--"lazy", "uneducated", "unmotivated" "affirmative action", etc. etc. A problem as big as poverty cannot be answered with such drivel.

    (Also, when you knock "affirmative action", what kind of "action" do you think all those white kids got to school under????? They've (I have) been privileged from birth--

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    I come from an extremely rural area in the south where there are a lot of poor white people. However, I think we should define poor here. If you mean economically poor, yes, these folks don't have a lot of money. However, mountain people who have lived their entire lives dependent on the land are extremely tough, resilient people who share with neighbors, contribute much might to the economy, and are joyous in spirit. So yes, these rural whites don't drive SUVs and have Plasma TVs, but they don't have debt and they enjoy close knit families, the pride in building their own houses and the relaxation that comes from living so close to nature. So rural people, be them black, white, or other, I believe, are the richest!

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    In America, racism is almost a dead problem. Now the problem is something called classism, a dichotomy between the very rich and the very poor. Being poor is not a "problem" persay, but it comes from several different factors, some of which the person whom is poor cannot control. It's not a black white problem, I don't who is saying it is.

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    NOWADAYS, many blacks are poor because of many reasons not having anything to do with segregation and racism. There are plenty of scholarships for black students who want to rise above anything their parents didn't accomplish and these kids can actually be somebody. So, if they remain poor, it's usually because of choice and because of laziness....and this is the same for poor whites also.

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    Poor is a mentality many are born with despite their skin color. Poor mentality makes people sick, keeps them in poverty and contributes to a life of crime. Breaking free from this mentality is not easy if it is all we have ever known. But it is possible and can lead people to happier lives.

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    Affirmative Action.

  • 1 decade ago

    Lack of Education

  • 1 decade ago

    Poverty happens to all races. Some want to place blame on others so that they cant see the faults that lie with in.

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    there are also plenty of rich blacks. whites and blacks are poor for the same reasons. they're lazy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lazyness. Their poor upbringing from their parents that failed to teach them how to keep a job and work hard.

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