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Favorite/great songs/music artist?

Please give the name and music artist.

I would prefer songs that have a lot of meaning and are possible to sing.

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    Try Iron Maiden

    The Clansman

    Como estais Amigo

    Hallowed be thy name.

    Good luck with your singing.

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    I really like Jewel a lot. Her songs always have a lot of meaning in them. Some of my favorites are "Hands", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Standing Still", "Again and Again", and "You Were Meant For Me". I love singing to them. =)

    I like Mandy Moore too. I don't know if you like her though, but she is another one of my favorites. Her songs may not have a lot of meaning in them though. I like her song "When I Talk To You". It's a touching song. I also like her version of "Beautiful Man". You can listen to it here:

    Marla Sokoloff's songs are also great. I absolutely love her, but I can't find lyrics of her songs.

    That's about it. =)

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    home- Micheal Buble

    Bless the Broken Road-Rascal Flatts

    there u go two great ones:)good luck!

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    Me & U by Cassie its a really GOOD SONG! :D

    Live Without You- Mary J. Blige also a really good song!

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    My all time favorite will always be "crash into me" from dave matthews band, it's a great song

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    Fade To Black by Metallica.

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    picking a fave song is nearly like picking a toddler yet relatively top now my 2 widespread songs would desire to be: "cutting-side females and previous shaped adult adult males" by using: Regina Spektor and the Strokes or "Paranoid Android" by using Radiohead. purely organic brilliance.

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    "my heart will go on" by Celine Dion.Its my all time favourite.

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    Uhm...for what?

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