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High Blood Pressure Problems?

Please answer only if you have experienced or know anyone who has experienced. I have high blood pressure and going to the doctor is out of the question ($$) and no help available. BP average 180/105. Been off medication for about 4 months now. Please don't say health department - we make too much money but no credit and very very far behind - can barely pay rent at this point. At one point my doctor said something about dialysis if not under control (but we did have it under control). What has happened to you or someone you know directly related to high blood pressure? I know you can have a stroke.



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    I went about 38 years with perfect BP. then it went ballistic for no reason. I've went to Dr. and taken medicine to control, but was able to get away from it. I found the three factors that brought it down were,

    1) losing weight, 2) eliminating all caffeine, 3) walking 30 minutes per day.

    That took it from running about 170 over 120, to 135 over 85, which is near normal. Do those three things and you will see a difference.

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    3 years ago, I was diagnosed - hypertension with a reading of 160/100. I used to feel dizzy a lot, my legs had awful cramps, and levels were very low in my potassium, causing my fingers and toes to always cramp together. One day I started to feel really faint while I was driving with my daughter in the back seat and I passed out, hitting 3 cars and ending up in a ditch. That moment,I knew I had to do something because my meds weren't working. I heard about this diet from a friend and thought I'd give it a shot. The results have been remarkable. In just 21 days, I honestly can't remember feeling this good, my blood pressure went from 175/110 to 125/70.

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    Take the pill, You willdecrease the blood pressure problems and then You can find out why the high blood pressure happened in the first place. Stay Well Regards Pa69oldfart.

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    I know a fellow who had HBP (not as high as yours though!), he did a lot of research on it to find the best natural remedies, this guy hates taking medications and is very health conscious, he managed to lower his blood pressure to a normal level by changing his lifestyle habits, then he wrote a book on how to do it in the form of a step-by-step 12-week plan or guide. Anyhow, I'll put some links to useful info with this answer, make sure you read them all and put it into action before it's too late. You can start right away by drinking plenty of water and doing mild exercise daily. Best of luck!

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  • I have worked in the emergency heath care field for many years. In a blood pressure the bottom number is more dangerouse than the top number. blood pressure should be no higher than 155/95 off meds. if the blood pressure is at a consistant number of yours. there are seriuos side effets such as stroke, loss of kidney function, to much strain on the heart which can cause serious heart problemsand more. there are specials programs who will help people who cannot afford there meds. you docs office or local hospital can tell you more

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    Some of the latest findings suggest that at the borderline case of hypertension at 140/xx, it is beneficial to be on medication. Your reading of 180/105 is above that.

    Self help recommendations are - to cut down on salt intake, have regular cardio vascular exercise, cut alcohol, stop smoking and learn relaxation to reduce your stress level. If you have already done all these, the other element is something you cannot really control, the genetic predisposition.

    As we grow older, the B.P. tends to go up. So, you should monitor your B.P. closely and take on some of the suggestions and eventually if the reading is still high, you may have no choice but to consult the doctor and be on medication. We are talking about your life here, it's serious business. Take care.

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    The reason why the doctor says that he my put you on dialysis is because your heart is pumping so hard that it is wearing every thing out and your body can't get rid of all the waste product your body needs to and you can become toxic and die from toxicity of the blood. I don't know where you live but the are alot of resources for help with medication and free clinics out there I have listed a few web sites to check out if you look you will find the help you need no matter how much money you have or don't have try church groups they have lots of programs to ask around call places they can only say no and they aren't going to know who you are.

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    go to you can find the answer to any questions you have. Remember, strokes occur without any warning and if not treated right away ,can cause permanent damage.I work in a cardiac clinic and you would be advised to go to the ER if yu dont have a Primary physician! That is to high!there are programs available to get help with medications, just alot of paperwork.

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    my dad had high blood phigh blood pressure and to lower it he just stopped eating crips, cake, chips he eat more salads and stopped putting salt on his food and now it normal pressure... good luck

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    heart attacks are possible too.

    My BP was 140/80,took natural herbs and natural suppliments,watched diet and salt intake and more importantly get as much excercise as possible.

    In less than one year my BP is down to 120/80

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