Have you tried fishing in New Zealand? If yes, what did you think of it?

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    I was in New Zealand fishing this past January. It is summertime there at that time of the year. I love to fish, especially for trout. It is without question a trout fisherman's paradise. In addition I did some saltwater fishing but the majority was spent on trout. As a country, the people are very conservation minded and are very aware and proud of the natural resources they have. All of the people I met and asked for advice at the local tackle shops were extremely nice and helpful.

    The average trout goes about 5 lbs, up to 10 lbs is not uncommon and there were reports of trout over 15 lbs. I saw, but was not permitted to fish for, a fish that weighed 18 lbs when it was stocked. This was on the 18th hole of a golf course we stayed at. These fish were actually wearing out the wire in my spinner baits, something I have never seen happen on a consistent basis in my life.

    My favorite stop was Rotorua on the north island. There are 8-9 lakes and hundreds of rivers and streams throughout the area. The weather is moderate to warm throughout the year and most of the bodies of water are fed from cold springs, absolute heaven to a trout. I was able to catch fish in streams, rivers and lakes all without a boat and using medium action tackle.

    You can pick up a national fishing license that is valid throughout the country at most sporting goods stores, tackle shops and many 24 hour gas stations. This is good on both islands with the exception of the Taupo region which has special regulations and requires an additional permit. The country is divided into regions, you can obtain local fishing maps each area in that region along with a book outlining the special regulations for that region. Bodies of water that permit fishing are marked throughout the country with small but clear signs.

    In addition to Rotorua, I also fished Napier (trout + salt water), Wellington (trout + salt water), Christchurch (trout, salmon) and Queenstown (trout, salmon) along with a few unplanned stops here and there along the way. On the south island, I happened to catch the beginning of the Salmon runs in Christchurch and Queenstown. In Queenstown, you can catch trophy sized trout and Salmon standing on the bank of the large lake in town just throwing a spinner or lure.

    I will be making a return visit with my fishing buddies in the very near future.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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