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what can i do if i have a sweaty palms, feet, and armpit. is there anything to make it less sweaty?

like when im nervous i tend to sweat. i need your help. please help me!!

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    That is hyperhidrosis and Yes! They are using Botox for this now with great success. Apparently you go fairly often in the beginning then less and less as time goes on. Like every 6 months to start then maybe a year apart.

    A local dermatologist would be able to tell you cost etc..

    Source(s): Was in Pharmacy for years and still keep mup on the new drugs/treatments
  • I don't know about the sweaty palms, but I do know that putting baking soda underneath your arms is a good way to go. It dries up the sweat glands so that you don't perspire as much. For the feet, try some foot powder. It dries the sweat up so that you won't have stinky feet, and that way you can stay fresh allllll day!!!

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    use a good deo to avoid odour, but using anything to make u sweat less is giving cancer a chance to come into u'r body there's another solution - don't become too nervous - calm u'rself down & be coolheaded during such a situation . take relaxing baths & avoid over exertion

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    Its all natural, The body needs to sweat to get rid of the toxins. The more you sweat the healthier you actually get. Some people have trouble sweating!

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    soak your feet and palm to a basin with warm (not hot) water

    and salt for 15 minutes a day..

    after you bathe,, use deodorant and foot powder

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    go to the doctor

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    deodorant, foot powder

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