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Did pirates really exist and where did they operate?

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    Yes they existed and in the beginning they were called privateers and where sent out by the King of England.

    The goal was to stop commerce from the other countries that the King was fighting against. This was to weaken the country financially and limit their supplies.

    But when the King of England ordered them to stop they didn't. They enjoyed the high seas robbery and continued on.

    This is when they became Pirates. The famous Capt. Cook was one of the Kings best privateers.

    Later after the King ordered the privateers to stop Capt. Cook Refused he was captured and hung, and his body displayed as a warning to all pirates.

    There was even a female Pirate Capt.

    They mostly sailed the caribbean and Atlanitc.

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    Pirates really did exist.

    Many were, at one time or another, backed by legitimate Governments of the great Sea-Faring nations (England, Spain, Portugal, etc)

    They operated through-out the World, but most often would spend their time where the plunder was: in the Shipping Lanes between Colonies and their respective Homelands.

    There is a lot of terrific information about real Pirates out there and the stories are very interesting (they were some really colorful Characters)

    BTW: If you want to see the Greatest Pirate movie ever made: try to get a copy of "Captain Blood" with Erroll Flynn!

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    Pirates have existed ever since mankind began sailing the seas.

    Rome was constantly dealing with pirates infesting the Mediterranean. One of Julius Caesar's early exploits was gathering a fleet to destroy a group of pirates who had captured and ransomed him.

    Pirates still operate off the coast of Somailia and in the South China Sea.

    When Americans think of pirates they tend to think of the ones that operated in the Carribean during the 16th and 17th centuries. Pirates there arose from the constant warfare amongst the European powers for the riches of the New World.

    England began a tradition of raiding the Spanish fleets bringing gold from their conquests of the Aztec and Inca nations of Central and South America and sacking the island possessions of the Spanish which were rich from the production of sugar. Famous captains like Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins made fortunes for themselves and the English crown.

    While it was an open secret that the English Queen, Elizabeth I, sanctioned these attacks on Spain, the captains and their crews were not offically part of the English military. Technically, they were only "private citizens" and England was therefore not responsible for what they did. From this status as private citizens came the term "privateer."

    Over the years, what had begun as a form of war degenerated into simple theft as a group of men became used to the life of robbery at sea whether with their own government's sanction or not.

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    Yes pirates exist and still their pirates in our days.

    Many pirates were from Spain and U.K.

    They use to attack mostly in the Atlantic Ocean, in the zone were the island are, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, mostly the Antilles, and some Atlantic ( and Pacific also) for example Morgan destroy Panama City, through the Pacific.

    Pirates usually ambushed ships carrying passengers and cargo in the dim light of dawn and dusk when the pirates' ship was hard to see. They often determined a ship's nationality first. Then they raised that country's flag on the pirate ship so they appeared to be friendly. Now able to draw close to the unsuspecting ship.

    Blackbeard was a very famous British pirate also Henry Morgan. Still in some places near Filipinas, Antilles and low population cost in South America, pirates attack. They are robbers that use boats.

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    Yes - there have been pirates as long as there has been sea travel. The Romans had great difficulties with them until Pompey the Great nearly wiped them out in the 1st century BC.

    Pirates operated/operate just about anywhere. They pick spots where it will be easy for them to overcome other ships and get away before the authorities show up.

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    Pirates still exist today, about 30 to 40 boats a year are stolen by people that board them at sea. This activity happens in the Caribbean and South America. I worked on a cargo ship and in some areas the captain would always get nervous and order extra lookouts because he had only a few years before been attacked and robbed at sea.

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    Maritime patrols have been stepped up in the Straits of Malacca in the South China Seas - the route of many oil tankers and freighters - because of pirate activities. The region has hundreds of small islands which serve as their lairs. Piracy is common in the waters off Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia and Indonesia; infact many are from the countries themselves - the pirates' ocean-crafts are fast and they are armed with automatic rifles: M16, AKs - definitely not your Johnny Depp variety

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    they still exist, and are in various parts of the world.

    Of course, it's not the Disney version you've seen, nor the goonies pirates. But these are people who are criminals, who attack with guns, rifles, and will go onto other peoples vessels & steal what they can, sometimes hurt others.

    Some stories I've read in the news (drudgereport) speak of incidents in south Africa, near Somalia and other places around there.

    Hope that helps.

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    yes Virginia pirates really existed.They operated around the Caribbean and Madagascar

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    there have been pirates as far back as the 4th century ,all around the noth african coast etc,babery coast,english ,french ,spanish ,dutch ,they all had them.

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