Are there any global/national statistics for the growth of bedbug infestation in America?

I've seen some statistics from pest control companies, but so far haven't been able to find any from a legitimate health organization. How many cities have infestations, and how bad are these?

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    thought this article had some helpful information on growing infestation problems:

    <<Pest-control companies in Florida, a state that welcomes nearly 20 percent of international travelers to the US, have had a 10-fold increase in bedbug calls since 1999. Infestations have been reported in major cities, including Atlanta, New York and San Francisco.

    But they’re back in the heartland, too, in places like Elizabethtown, Kentucky (population 22,500), where bedbugs made local headlines in 2003. And Kansas State University’s diagnostic lab has gotten bedbug samples from 28 states in the past two years—where before they had almost none.


    the same piece also included some helpful links at the bottom of the article:

    <<For more info about insecticides currently registered for bedbugs, contact your local Cooperative Extension office. In New York, call Cornell University’s Pesticide Management Education Program at 607-255-1866 or

    For a fact sheet on bedbugs, check out:


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    Parasites are on the rise in Canada as well; it's definitely worth looking into.

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