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What continent is costa rica on?

Someone told me it's in Mexico, is that right?

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    America, specifically Central America.

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    Costa Rica is part of the North American continent. Remember a continent is a geological term and not a political, cultural, nor lingual term. You don't end up in South America when you cross the border from San Diego to Tijuana or any other border crossings between the U.S. and Mexico. Panama divides North and South America since that is where the North American continent narrows down to a tiny ithmus. When you get to Columbia it widens and becomes South America. Central America is just the southern extreme of the North American Continent and isn't even a continent.

    Freedomhammer got most of what is North America with one exception. He missed that a majority of Denmark is actually in North America since Greenland which is Danish territory is part of North America.

    Of those that mentioned Mesoamerica, that is a cultural region of several related native civilazations(Maya, Aztec, Olmecs, Toltec, etc)that existed for about 3,000 years prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Mesoamerica is considered the area of Central Mexico to just north of Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica WAS in Mexico. From January 1822 to July 1823 Costa Rica was part of Mexico but in July 1823 it became a province in the United Provinces of Central America. It then became an independent nation after a civil war between 1838-1840 which dissolved the union.

    Meme D also depends on where you are from. Some countries such as the United States consider there to be 7 continents. Others believe there are 6. For example sometimes Europe and Asia are considered to be one giant continent.

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    Mexico is a country, not a continent. Costa Rica is not located in Mexico, it is another country and is located in Central America. Central America is not a continent, it is a thin strip of land joining North and South America.

    If you ask someone from the U.S. or Canada, they will tell you that Costa Rica is a part of North America, since they consider everything from Panama to Canada to be North America. Latin Americans, however, consider only the U.S. and Canada to be North America, and Mexico and every country south of it as South America.

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    Well, Costa Rica is not in Mexico. As for what continent it is on is not a simple answer.

    The Latin American believe in a 6 continent model of the world which North and South America is combined to form one "America" continent. In that case your answer will be the country of Costa Rica is in the continent of America.

    However, in most English speaking countries, China, and Western Europe they believe in 7 continents with North and South America as two continets. In that case your answer will be Costa Rica is in North America since North America ends at Panama and South America begins in Columbia.

    Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan teach their school kids that there are 6 continents with Europe and Asia being one continent. Their view of North and South America being the same as Western Europe, China, and the English speaking world.

    So generally unless you are Latin American the answer will most likely be "Costa Rica" is in the North American continent.

    Take Care!

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    North America. Costa Rica is a country. So is Mexico. They are different.

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    It's a part of North America, which runs all the way down to the southern end of Panama.

    North America is made up of three large countries - Canada, Mexico and the United States, and the countries of Central America and the Caribbean Islands

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    Ok, first Mexico is a country not a continent. And Costa Rico is in Central

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    Central America

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    its on Central America

    (north of the Panama Canal so not in South America)

    it is south of Mexico.. Mexico is a country NOT a continent

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    America. North and South are not separate continents. It is all one. Mexico is not a continent.

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