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why is aids cannot be cured?

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    Well first you have to understand the difference between AIDS and HIV. HIV is the actual virus and AIDS is the condition you get because of the virus, in other words, AIDS isn't the actual sickness, just a description of the symptoms. It's also important to note that not all people with HIV have AIDS, their body has been able to keep the virus in check, but not eliminate it.

    The reason HIV can't be cured, is that along with many other viruses, they are extremely hard to fight, both with medicine and by our bodies own immune system. Thats why we generally use immunization to prevent viral infection, our body has a much better chance of fighting a virus it knows how to defeat. HIV is also particularly nasty in the fact that it actually attacks the systems meant to protect our body from disease.

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    Is Aids Cured

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    I think the big problem here is what do you describe as "cure." Technically, I think we will all agree that is to be able to clear the virus from the body completely. In these terms, not even the common flu is curable. All it takes is for your immune system to get a bit weak and you'll get sick again. Same with HIV.

    The specific problem with HIV that it has a very high rate of mutation, so by the time we get to something close to become a vaccine or a good drug, the virus has mutated again. Is a little like cancer, HIV is a common denominator to a disease with certain characteristics while the underlying cause varies from patient to patient (in the case of HIV is caused by a virus, but its not exactly the same virus in all cases.)

    So far we've been able to come up with a combination therapy that is able to keep the virus load so low that is undetectable (but this doesn't neccesarily mean that it's no longer there.) The problem with this therapy is that it's outrageously expensive.

    I think we have a better shot at curing AIDS sooner than we'll be able to find a cure for cancer.

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    AID itself is not a disease, it is a condition of the body by which the body's ability to defend itself against attack of various disease is reduced. More severe the AID case is, more vulnerable it is to attacks. If AID is detected early the chances are better for the Doctors to prepare against attacks. Lot of medical research are being carried out to find a cure, and one day this cure will be found.

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    In principle, it can be cured, but the resources have really not been put into it that would be necessary. Contrary to popular belief, HIV is not a sexual disease -- it is a disease of the immune system, and is part of the family of viruses called "lentiviruses". These are diseases that can spread amongst sheep (for example) that are infected, and kept in close quarters that are unclean. HIV tends to show up first in those individuals who have compromised their immune system, such as drug addicts, and those who mix what they eat with what they excrete. There is evidence of aerosol transmission of HIV. There has been some promising work done in Cuba, of all places, where standard public health procedures were observed ie universal testing, quarantine of those infected, and very high quality health care and nutrition. There are some websites that have some really cool pictures of different viruses, but I don't have the sources.

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    why is aids cannot be cured?

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    I think there is a cure for AIDS but it costs alot of money. Well I think it can be prevented but im not sure

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    Anybody who doesn't agree with a gay or aids activists is "ignorant." However, charging on, here is a book you should read by a gay man about aids and gay diseases: Sexual Ecology.

    It outlines how gays will NEVER be cured of S.T.D.s while engaging in their dangerous behavior.

    Basically, gays create a never-ending cycle of infections and reinfections that make drug-resistant strains of diseases. He lends HEAVILY from a formerly controversial book that came out before his: "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS" by Michael Fumento.

    Don't listen to activists, liberals, democrats, or other gay apologists who blame Reagan for AIDS and other excuses for their OWN BEHAVIOR. They all want your sympathy and money to blow on their AIDS projects all the while pretending they themselves are not to blame for an almost 100% preventable disease. They pretend like they don't know how people get AIDS like children pretend the stork is responsible for child birth.

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    I think it probably could be cured but the drug companies and the government need the money.

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    well from what i understand HIV/AIDS change while in the body so even if you take medcinie for it it mutats to become immune to the medcinie

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