how do you play pocket aces before the flop?

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    Here's the thing about aces. You know you're winning the hand before the flop. So why not push all in? Well, you'll push everyone off the pot if you're stack is too big for them to call. You want to raise with aces so you can narrow the field, but you don't want to raise so much that you get no callers. Four to five times the big blind is pretty usual if you're the first to enter the pot. If someone enters before you, you can raise three times their bet, or 6 or 7 times the big blind if they just limp in.

    Occasionally you have to slow play aces. If you always raise with your premium hands and limp with drawing hands, your opponents will pick up on that. Sometimes you should raise with suited connectors to keep them guessing. Likewise, sometimes you should just limp in with aces (not very often, but sometimes). This trains your opponents so that they'll be scared to raise you when you limp. It also desguises the strength of that hand. You can make a move for the pot after the flop.

    Playing aces pre-flop is easy. The hard part is determining whether your opponent hit the flop hard enough to beat you, or hard enough to call with a 2nd best hand.

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    It depends on a lot of factors:

    - How many players?

    - Online, home game or real life?

    - Your position relative to the button?

    - Action before you?

    - Number of players to act after you?

    - Limit or no limit?

    - Cash or tournament?

    - Relative stack sizes?

    But as a general rule you need to raise pre-flop and you want to push players out. Do not try to slow play them, and don't take a flop against lots of opponents if you can avoid it.

    Aces are a wonderful hand and they always get people excited. But they are no magic ticket. I just got knocked out of a no limit tournament when I was heads up and my opponent called a large raise pre-flop, flopped an open ended straight draw and called my all in. Her 10-7 beat my aces on the river when she made a straight.

    I was also playing at a WSOP circuit even in Atlantic City a few weeks back and busted someone out with A-6 vs A-A. I made trips on the river with my sixes.

    They are a wonderful hand with a great EV but don't get too cocky with them. Narrow the field and take down the pot. Try not to let people outdraw you with inferior hands.

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    bet the max...the odds are totally in your favor and if you are playing in a casino, the payout on pocket aces is so frickin' insane, because the odds of getting them are so unlikely, that IF the dealer can actually beat you, and you lose on the flop, the turn and the river, you will at least break even...they have betting rules on hold'em at the have to bet at least five to get in on that hand and to see the flop, you have to double your original bet and the turn and the river have to match your original bet...the bonus, which is for your first two cards is what you get paid on if you have pocket aces or an ace with a face or any pair...with aces being the highest payout and if you have aces, you want the dealer to have them too because it's like 5,000 to one!!!! never seen it happen...if you are playing with other people you have to take into account how many people you are playing with, where you are sitting and how many decks are being used..keep in mind that someone else could have a pair and see their cards on the flop and you might not see an ace...suddenly, your killer hand is not so killer!

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    Raise big and get everybody out because pocket aces wins small pots and loses big ones. It's a dangerous hand and i suggest not letting anyone see the flop and catchin a draw or anything cuz then you feel like crap for not getting the 7,8 suited out of the hand with a big raise.

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    Bullets can be played several different ways pre-flop.

    Slow playing can be dangerous. It is often better to raise and limit the field of players.

    If you are heads up I would slow play and just check and call. As long as you don't think your opponent has caught something on the flop.

    Aggression pays.

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    Pre Flop, you want to string your opponents along as much as possible. If you are in early position, just call, as players in early position will usually raise only with good hands, and raising will usually force your opponents out. If you are in late position, a small raise might be in order. If you are in the blinds, call or check.

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    Depends on the people you are playing with and your position at the table. I have slow played them and got burned. I usually bet big or go all in and try to run most people out. The only people that stay usually have pocket pairs and are smaller than yours.

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    Read Super Systems by Doyle Brunson. Best poker strategy book out there.

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    Raise. Every time.

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    all in is the way to go usually - depends where you are on the table

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