I want to start a home based photography business, what kind of equipment do i need to purchase?

I have both a digital and a SLR film camera and plan to use both

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    You will need trays and tanks for B&W as well as an enlarger; (if 4x5 much better) a dark room for process; you can not develop color unless you are able to expend at least $40 or $50 thousand dollars for equipment (second hand). Also enlarging paper and easel.

    For de Digital, A computer (Mac if possible) & good printing able to print at least 11x14 or biggr if you can afford; PhotoShop program to do what ever your customer needs.

    Also good lighting equipment of minimum of 800 WS

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    Photography is a very competitive business and you have to know a lot about photography and the business to get anywhere. The type of equipment you need depends on the type of photography you are doing. I'd definetely recommend a good digi slr camera of at least 7 megapixels. Also a Mac with Adobe Photoshop will come in extremely handy for retouching, down-up sizing. If you are interested in portraiture you need good lighting equipment... maybe Speedotron light kit 2400 w/s. You would also need good difusion material like soft boxes, umbrellas, scrims, etc. If you are interested in wedding photo you would need a good strong flash and lots of C/F cards for storage. Other things you would need include tripod, different lenses, fliters, extra camera or two for back up, etc. I could go on forever. Its an expensive field to get into!!

    If you chose to do film photography you would need a darkroom for black and white. You need lots of chemicals- developer, fixer, stop bath, hypo clear, archival wash for fiber paper, beakers, lots of paper, an enlarger, filters, trays, safe lights, black felt to cover doors and windows, and good ventilation! Priniting your own color is crazy expensive as someone here already stated so I don't recommend that. I personally shoot digi color and b/w film for personal work.

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    hey my sincere advice is that u sell your film slr as most film manufaturers have stopped manufacturing them( kodak, fuji and konika) try to get a digital slr. just buy a computer and a printer u r done becose if u can learn to work on photoshop, u can do any thing. cn take a photograph outdoor and still give an effect of indoor studio and vice versa. it will also cut your costs down drastically and at the same time cotumer satisfaction goes up by miles even if u give some simple effects to the photograph. all the best. u can contact me for any further help.

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    Start out with a good DIGITAL camera and a decent computer. Get photoshop elements and a DVD burner. Get a good book on digital photography--one specifically for your camera if you can, and one for the specific version of elements you are using...a good start. once you get good with that equipment, decide what kind of photography you want o get into, the get specific equipment for that genre.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Really depends on what type of photography you want to do? What will be your core business (weddings, commercial, portraits, etc.)? Also, what else will you do if someone asks you (sports, nature, etc.)? And will you be doing all on-location shoots or shoot in the home/studio?

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