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What is your favorite fragrance/scent/perfume on a man?

Whats your favorite scent/fragrance/perfume/cologne on a guy and why!? Does it make you feel something?

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    I like reaction by Kenneth Cole.

    I'm not sure it makes me feel anything. I like it because it's clean, fresh, and light (not loud and obnoxious) and I guess it reminds me of my husband because he wears it.

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    Aqua Di Gio from Giorgio Armani

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    Jean Paul Gautier. I probably spelled that last part wrong but if you try to buy some just say Jean Paul. The bottle is an upper torso of a man.

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    Issey Miyake

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    i love CK no2 i think it is, my bro n i went cologne shopping for him spent 3 hrs smelling different scents and talking about them.. i know what the but the Calvin Klein range is what really stuck in my head i love it there is a wide range to suit every mood and each has the right mix of sweetness and spices to make you drool.

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    Emporio armani's perfume and also higher energy from dior... great ones and many many more like bvlgari's aqua.... when a guy passes with those perfumes i just want to follow them and sniff them and feel like in a trance... i love those perfumes...

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    I would have to pick either Armani Code or Curve Crush for men. Make a woman go wild!

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    I like Tommy on a man, it smells so good and actually sort of turns me on. I can be out and smell it on a guy and I am actually trying to find where it is coming from.

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    Michael Jordan's cologne- get it for ya man as a gift and you'll end up thanking yourself.

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