Pagan religion in regard to the Devinchy Code?

I am a Pagan/Witch and my husband keeps asking how and why is the Decinchy Code related to Paganism? Any thoughts?

Is there any reference materials out there that he can read that will asnwer his questions?


I have read the Da Vinci Code and and now my Husbands is reading it as well, but it is lighting fire to the questions he already had.

Terreibly sorry for my spelling. It has been a long day and it going to be an even longer night.

Oh, I do have that book. It was gifted to me!

Also Pancake, Rudeness is not cool!

Thanks to everyone for your prompt answers!! Keep them coming!


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    The only Pagan religion which might have any relation to it is Wicca, since Wicca contains some Gnostic influence by way of the Golden Dawn and other forms of Occultism and Ceremonial Magick. As others have said, the main things would be the emphasis on the Divine Feminine, reverence of Nature, secrecy and repression.

    The sources below should be a good start.

    Source(s): Triumph of the Moon - Ronald Hutton Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler The Magicians of the Golden Dawn - Ellic Howe A Witches Bible - Janet & Stuart Farrar The Golden Dawn - Israel Regardie The Templars - Piers Paul Read The Barbarian Conversion - Richard Fletcher Sophia Maria - Thomas Schipflinger The Book of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage - S. L. MacGregor Mathers Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism - Gershom Scholem Origins of the Kabbalah - Gershom Scholem Holy Blood, Holy Grail - Michael Baigent The Gnostic Gospels: A Startling Account of the Meaning of Jesus and the Origin of Christianity Based on Gnostic Gospels and Other Secret Texts - Elaine Pagels The Origin of Satan - Elaine Pagels Adam, Eve, and the Serpent - Elaine Pagels
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    Da Vinci Code

    Read the book. It is amazing and fairly plausible.

    Its relation to Pagan Religion is as intricate and complicated as delineating the Catholic churches' absorbing our people and ways (Pagans). But, bottom line is simply this, if one can disprove the christian god, and its dogma, one can remove the covers (mans religion) that disguises a more natural belief system which looks at the whole instead of the part.

    True Pagans, literally "people of the country side" were forced to adhere to this religion but they rebelled in such a sweetly confident way. They placed images of a natural belief system within the designs of the churches placed on their ritual spots! They hid their ways with simple tricks of using every day tools as a part of their spiritual practice! Witches are amazing at appearing to fit in, we had to be or else the so called "powers that be" would maim, denounce and or kill us.

    Da Vinci Code speaks of the one thing that could put the christian church to it's knees, proving Jesus was truly and simply a man. A plain human. A man who procreated and whose birth was NOT some sort of amazing science defying feat!

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    Leonardo da Vinci.It's not related to Paganism,other than the Templars were believed to practice ceremonial magic.If you read some Masonic texts,you will find a lot in common with Wicca.I.E. the opening of a circle.Early modern English Wiccans were assisted in forming movement by Freemasons.

    Source(s): Margot Adler's "Drawing Down the Moon"
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    Although I haven't read the Da Vinci Code, I get the impression that the Holy Grail is involved in it somehow. The Holy Grail is the Christian attempt to counter the legends of the Cauldron of Rebirth (also known as the Cauldron of Life or the Chalice of Rebirth). There are plenty of legends that you can look up about it online. Just do a yahoo search.

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    The Davinci Code brought up quite a few interesting points. The divine feminine was one, the thought of sex as a way to enlightenment and of course magick. All these things were outlawed, demonized or detroyed by Christians.

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    The movie, and the book, I presume, illustrates the history behind alot of Pagan symbolism and discusses the history of Paganism in relation to the church, though the interpretation presented is, of course open for debate. It doesn't really discuss Neo-Paganism at all though.

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    relax. da vinci code is more like gnostic issues than pagan ones.

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    Da Vinci

    Reading the book would be a helpful start for your husband.

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    My guess is that your husband is referring to the heavy reference to the 'divine feminine' in the DaVinci Code.

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    I would tell you, but you wouldn't vote it best answer so why bother.

    Oh, and it's 'Da Vinci'.

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