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have you ever spent the night in a graveyard?

i am going to this summer...i have gone to a graveyard and have seen nothing yet...if u have been to a graveyard, have u seen anything scary...or a ghost.//or sumthin

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    I have slept in the graveyard before. Nothing happen, not in that graveyard anyway.It's one quiet place to sleep.I like hanging out in the graveyard at night anyway,I don't destroy anything there, I just sit and listen me and my friend.One night we were in there and in a distance we see the lights of a car coming, it was a group of kids getting ready to run around the place probably getting ready to destroy the place,but we made some noise they got scared and left.It's against the law to be in the graveyard after sunset.The cops ride threw flashing their lights, so you don't get caught you stay real still.I have never gotten caught.

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    yes. and yes.

    I have been to many a graveyard. I have seen and felt and heard many a weird thing. Take that as you want it. Just be respectful of those passed away and the ones who loved them that are still here. Be openminded, but try not to jump to conclusions... most things are explained away. Some things aren't, though.... have fun!

    ps. take photos... you'll be suprised what turns up in them. but same there... be aware that alot of it can be explained. Try to take note if there were lights around of any sort. Light reflects off of things like camera lenses easily.

    and for the sceptic... I admit ALOT of things you see and hear are just your imagination, but some things (ie full body photos of people who weren't there) can't be explained.... goes back to the openmind thing.

    it really depends, though. alot of places are just simply creepy, while others are boring, and then there are others where it is just crazy what goes on there. Good luck finding a cool place.

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    No We the living DEMONS and GHOSTS have become BIG SINNERS and the good old sacred souls are afraid of us and would run away from their graveyards on seeing us.

    So you may happen to see them when they come out to run. Dont give a damn look at it and ignore. I have stayed in burial grounds burning ghats etc . But dont carry any eatables there and if you do then offer something on mother earth for them to take though it may not vanish .

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    sure. and likely. I even have been to many a graveyard. I even have seen and felt and heard many a extraordinary ingredient. Take that as you prefer it. only be respectful of those handed directly to the excellent beyond and people who enjoyed them that are nevertheless here. Be openminded, yet attempt to no longer leap to conclusions... maximum issues are defined away. some issues are not, although.... have relaxing! playstation . take photos... you would be suprised what turns up in them. yet comparable there... notice that alot of that's defined. attempt to take notice if there have been lighting fixtures fixtures around of any style. easy displays off of issues like digital camera lenses actually. and for the sceptic... I admit ALOT of issues you notice and pay attention are only your mind's eye, yet some issues (ie finished physique photos of persons who weren't there) can not be defined.... is going returned to the openmind ingredient. it quite relies upon, although. alot of places are only only creepy, whilst others are uninteresting, and then there are others the place it fairly is only loopy what is going on there. solid luck looking a funky place.

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    Haven't spent all night... Not like camping there, or anything... haha But damn that **** is creepy/scary as hell. This one time I cut through one at night. It was on this hill with a chapel, and a stream at the bottom of the hill. Mad creepy trees too... haha The whole And, yes, I was alone. But, nah no ghost or sumthin...

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    No, but I have watched movies in the cemetery, At the Hollywood forever cemetery on Saturday nights in the summer they have out door movies, and you picnic on the field of grass that doesn't have bodies underneath it, and the movie is shown on a mausoleum. It is very cool, if you live in L.A. I suggest you check it out. And no, It was not scary it was really pretty actually.

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    I was in a graveyard by night, but belive me, nothing special to see. or, in case u see something, probably, your imagination is playing with you. It is true, you'll hear (or you'll belive you hear) strange sounds or stuff, but, every thing you hear have a logica explanation. So... don't expect to discover too much.

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    I use to live right next door to one when i was a teenager.Nothing scary about it at night its a very quiet place.

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    when I was a teen we did that as a dare. it was pretty scary.we thought we saw all kinds of stuff. but it was just our minds playing tricks on us. we did not stay the whole night. the police came and made us leave at about 2am.

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    a few hours only, and it's not that scary. it's only in the mind.

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