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How to house break a 6 week old puppy??

My boyfriend and I just got a new puppy and no matter how many times we put him outside for pooping or peeing in the house he still goes in the house...I don't know what to do...When the dog does his business in the house he show it to him and give him a little tap on the nose and say "That's for outside.." and then we put him outside...and when he goes outside and does his thing we praise him...My mom has suggested that when we clean up the poo that we put it outside in the general area that we want the dog to go so he will have some sort of smell...It's not working...My boyfriend is threatening to give the puppy away if it keeps on doing what its been doing and I really like the dog and dont want to have to see it go....what else should I do???

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    Get puppy housebreaking pads or underbed pads plus housebreaking aid drops to put on the pads. Put the puppy on these when you think that he has to go. They have a smell on them, which you can't smell, but the puppy can. It is the smell of urine. The puppy will go on these pads. Gradually move these pads closer to the door where you will take him out. Then leave them at that door for at least one week. Then put the pad outside. Rhe puppy will learn to go there. Eventually you will not need it. The puppy will go to that door when he wants to go out. It is also a good idea to reward the puppy when he goes where you want him to go, including on the pads. I now leave the underbed pads, without any housebraking drops, for my two dogs when I have to be away from the house for long periods of time. My dogs are old and it is unfair of me to leave them without the pads when I know I will be gone for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. They know to use the pads. Other friends have used the housebraking drops and underbed pads to successfully train their puppies. (My vet told me this 15 1/2 yrs. ago.)

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    Trying to housebreak a 6 week old puppy is like trying to potty train a six month old human baby...it just ain't gonna work that well. That's one of the many reasons it is illegal in many places to sell, barter, or give away a puppy (or kitten) that young. Since you already have your pup, take it out immediately after he is done eating and immediately after he wakes up from a nap. Also take him out every half hour that he is awake, and once an hour during the night. Yes, this means you are getting very little sleep, but you will be setting the puppy up for success. After a few weeks, you can try every 45 minutes day/evenings and 1 1/2 hours at night. If he starts having accidents go back to the more frequents potty times. When you pup does have an accident, DO NOT PUNISH him. That will make him want to hide his accidents, not teach him not to have any.

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    A 6 week old puppy cannot be expected to be trained this quickly. The soonest you should expect it is 4 months. Until then crate train the pup and put it on a schedule. And when you are around supervise. If you punish after the fact, the pup has no idea what he did wrong. You just confusing him. So when you can't supervise put him ion a crate.

    There is a book about housetraining dogs in seven days. This works but there are rules.

    Your mother is right, but there is far more to training a dog. I advise you dont give up. Just be patient. Or if you can't be, find someone who is willing to take on the challenges of a puppy.

    Oh, and this is one reason why pups should not leave the breeder until 8 weeks.

    Good luck.

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    Definitely agree with what Primalwhiteknight says. Never "punish" your dog especially after the fact because they don't know what it's about and will only grow to fear you. At 6 weeks boyfriend wasn't toilet trained and neither will puppy be. They take some time to gain full control of their bowel movements and to learn where to go so just be patient kind. If you do a search for house training on the net you will find tons of advice, just make sure and use the outline that you now have from us here! Best of luck and give puppy a big hug from me please!

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    Get rid of the boyfriend! If he is this impatient with a pet what will he be like with kids?

    Crate train your pup. dogs like to be clean and do not like to soil their living space. Make the space small enough that the pup can turn around and lie down. You MUST supervise the puppy when ever he is out of the crate. If he starts to circle and sniff the ground it is time to get him outside. QUICK. I hung a bell on my door and whenever the door was opened the bell rang-now my 14 month old goes to the door and touches the bell with her nose. We know she needs to go out.

    It is important that you feed your dog the amount your vet recommends. You can separate the food into smaller portions to be fed to your pup three or four times a day. Put the measured amount out give the pup time to eat, and then put it up out of reach. Remember what goes in will come out. When my Lindy was little she would eat and with-in half an hour she was ready to go. The idea behind the controlled feed is that you monitor what goes in and hopefully, where it goes out.

    You must be patient and kind, look at the puppy as a baby, not a toddler. Be consistent and it will pay off. And you won't be lonely for the boyfriend since the dog will love and cuddle with you.

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    As every one has told you 6 weeks is a little young,We breed and train Siberian Huskies and have for twenty years,and our dogs dont go to there new homes till 8 weeks or older .It is important to begin this process as soon as you bring your puppy home. The longer you wait the harder it is to break any bad puppy habits. To begin, make sure that your puppy goes outside to do his business after eating and waking up after a nap or first thing in the morning. Sure signs that a puppy needs to go outside are whining by the door, walking around the house and moving in circles. Praise your puppy when he does his business outside. If your puppy has an accident do not raise your voice, yell, hit your puppy or put his face in it. He is too young to understand why you are scolding him. Just remember to use a firm “no” when they have an accident. If you catch your puppy in the act, quickly take him outside and praise him when he is done.You boyfriend needs to be trained in patience

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    You cannot expect a 6 week old puppy to house train that easy... honestly you should ahve gotten an adult dog, your are going about training completely wrong...

    firstly you have to go out with the puppy and have soft treats with you - to offer as instant reward.. the praise isnt enough...

    ok crate training is the BEST - the dog sleeps in the crate then first thing in morning you go out with pup.. usually it will pee within 5 minutes - back in for breakfast... then out again.. they will run around for a bit (encourage some running to stimulate bowels) then will poop - again you HAVE to go out with the pup every time and reward it instantly with soft reward treat.. then inside again, remove any uneaten food, keep an eye on the pup when inside - as soon as it circles and sniffs the ground you take it back outside, this is your cue that it needs to go out...

    feed lunch and again outside (they need lunch till 3 months of age) - remove uneaten food

    watch durring afternoon and feed supper at 6:00 -back outside - remove uneaten food so pup has no food after7 pm... remove water 2 hours before bed time - take pup out again before bed and crate all night...

    DO NOT GIVE PUPS ATTENTION WHEN IN CRATE - dont respond if they whine

    The Crate is their safe place - NEVER use for punishment

    feed a good quality food (chicken meal or lamb meal as first ingredient, rice second, the grocery store level and wal mart level foods are crap - you have to feed more so pups poop more)

    rubbing their nose in it wont help

    you can buy spray aids to help tell pup where to go

    giving soft treats instantly - means instant reward and pup realizes why he is being rewarded

    mostly 6 weeks is way too young to even think a pup should be fully house trained.. their bladders and bowels are not fully controllable - you need to watch them all the time

    what breed?? some breeds are way easier, others have harder time.

    If you do give the pup back to where you got it from I strongly suggest getting a fully trained adult dog instead, you will save alot of money if you adopt on fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered already.... puppies are a lot of work

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    6 weeks is a little young yet!!!you can crate train him that's how i broke all my dogs, you will probley clean out pee or poop a few times but he will know not to go in his space..and also do not go out and buy the biggest crate you see,you want one the puppy can move comfortably around in...remember he still is a baby and i leave my puppies with their mom till they are at least 8 weeks old..you also let him out every half hour and when you feed him every 15 min until he goes,when ever a puppy takes a nap he always has to go AS SOON as his eyes open!! good luck

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