Is rubber a good heat insulator?

Please explain.

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    Less dense materials are better insulators. The denser the material, the closer its atoms are together. That means the transfer of energy of one atom to the next is more effective. Thus, gases insulate better than liquids, which in turn insulate better than solids.

    An interesting fact is that poor conductors of electricity are also poor heat conductors. Wood is a much better insulator than copper. The reason is that metals that conduct electricity allow free electrons to roam through the material. This enhances the transfer of energy from one area to another in the metal. Without this ability, the material--like wood..AND IN YOUR CASE RUBBER--does not conduct heat well.

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    Is Rubber An Insulator

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    Yes because the molecules have strong bonds between them

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    Yes it is! Rubber is not a conductor of substances such as heat an therefore is a great insulator against heat.

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    You can heat on end of a rubber tubing and not feel the heat on the other end. Try it with a metal spoon, and you will soon know that the metal spoon is a good conductor of heat.

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    Is rubber a good heat insulator?

    Please explain.

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    yes, insulates very good against electricity and fair for thermal energy. Thats why it covers electrical wires

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