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Can any of you B-ballers name 10 of the NBA's and WNBA's ugliest players? They can be past or present players!


Remember Tyrone Hill, he used to play with Cleveland Cavs back in the day.(1996-'97?) Bill Russell, Bill Walton, Manute Bol, Sam Cassell, Patrick Ewing, Otis Thorpe, Anthony Mason, Shawn Kemp, and Scottie Pippen!

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    Here they are in no particular order: Dennis Rodman, Sam Cassel, Tyrone Hill, The enitire wnba Houston team, Jason Collins, His twin brother Jareed, Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin McKale, Kris Cayman.

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    Tayshaun Prince

    Steve Nash

    Shawn Marion

    Josh Smith

    Ron Artest!

    Kirk Heinrich

    Chris Anderson

    Pau Gasol

    Mike Miller!

    Tim Duncan

    Scott Pollard


    ?????? Hell they are all ugly I can't name 10 pretty WNBA players.

    Diana Taurasi is Ugly

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